About BIGKIS.com 

BIGKIS is a rising social media platform designed to give you the best platform to voice out your thoughts, share a laugh with your friends, and create new lasting relationships. While BIGKIS is still starting its exciting journey, we promise to work hard to improve the platform and give you the best experience you can have!

So don’t forget to sign up now, join our diverse community, and announce to your friends that BIGKIS is the much-awaited Filipino presence in the social media world!

Stop, Look, and CLICK!

Here at BIGKIS, you can:

  • * Download our Timeline and Messenger Apps through Google Play Store or access them through all web and mobile browsers
  • * Build a unique profile where you can put up a dynamic profile picture and cover photo
  • * Create unlimited pages and groups to promote your business and ideas and build a network
  • * Share articles on the feed and engage in meaningful discussions with the community
  • * Flaunt your beautifully-shot selfies and organize your photo albums
  • * Post video and audio clips through our social videos support platform that includes Youtube, Dailymotion, Vine, Vimeo, Facebook Videos and Soundcloud Music
  • * Put #Hashtags on your posts and mention your friends’ @usernames to make it to our list of trending topics
  • * Create events where you can invite friends and connections to join your cause
  • * And use our Messenger app’s real-time live chat system to talk to your friends, activate private conversations and share important files and documents


In any field of expertise across all types of businesses around the globe, Filipinos are deemed one of the most hardworking workers out there. Through our sheer perseverance to pursue our goals, we have worked our way to the top!

Now, it is our mission to stay on the summit! With BIGKIS, it is time for the hardworking Filipinos to finally have their own homegrown social media platform. In a study conducted by social data analytics company Talkwaker in 2019, they found out that out of our total population of 107.3 million, a whopping 71% or 76 million Filipinos are active users of the social media networks. So why haven’t we started building a social media platform that we can call our own?

Well, that’s exactly why we are here! BIGKIS is a social media place founded by a Filipino native whose passion to stay dedicated to our endeared values has motivated him to give you the platform to voice out your thoughts, promote your ideas, and meet new connections who share the same goals you have.

So be part of this new trend, sign up for your new account, and be one of the first people who can proudly say that we are a member of the BIGKIS community!

We want to hear from you!

If you have concerns, comments, and suggestions to improve our platform, don’t hesitate to send a message through our Facebook page https://facebook.com/bigkisofficial or just proceed to the site’s Contact Us page