Some players oppose Blizzard's removal of the /Spit command from WoW Classic

Some players oppose Blizzard's removal of the /Spit command from WoW Classic

Earlier, the California Department of Fair Employment and Housing filed a lawsuit against Activision Blizzard, claiming that the company has a culture of sexual harassment and discrimination. Recently, many teams at the company are taking time to reflect on the communities and cultures that define them. This means that the WoW team may have to face new controversies of their own design.

In a statement issued on July 27, 2021, the WoW team posted a Classic TBC Gold message on the current state of affairs on Twitter. This includes reflecting on their team and community culture as Activision Blizzard takes action to resolve complaints of systemic sexual harassment within the company. The statement announced that the WoW team is committed to protecting marginalized communities, and the player community will see changes in WoW Shadowlands and WoW Classic in the next few days.

With the launch of the WoW Classic: Overlords of Outland public testing area, many players who helped test the content noticed some strange things. An in-game chat command /spit that allows one player to spit at another player is no longer applicable to the test field. Players can still use this command to spit to the ground or NPCs, but not to other players. This makes many WoW players have a strong view of this change, because not everyone supports such a change.

In the Blizzard official forum, WoW players quickly criticized this decision. Some people worry that WoW Classic will continue to deviate from its inspiration, while others criticize the move as performance in nature. In the Blizzard official forum, the community quickly asked for more meaningful changes. In fact, a large number of real problems that plague the game have been raised. From high-level TBC Classic Gold players aiming and killing low-level groups, to experienced players trying to trick unfamiliar players from their game currency.

The ban may be a response to the use of the command by players who purchased the deluxe version of the game. This will reward a special in-game mount, making these players a target of potential harassment. Players affected by this harassment have called Blizzard to take action for some time, and their voices may finally be answered. Some people claim that their ignore list has been maximized, which allows them to hide messages from other players in the chat.

So far, the changes to /spit have not been implemented on any of WoW's main servers. While players are waiting for the changes to be rolled out on a larger scale, the WoW team has not yet responded to the conflict between players. If you want to learn more about WoW Classic, welcome to visit MMOWTS, where you can also buy a large amount of TBC Classic Gold to quickly arm yourself.


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