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As we all know, Raised Spectres and Golem minion builds usually outclass other minion alternatives. For this reason, it has become one of the most commonly used builds by players, so the game team has drastically reduced its power. Players can still use it to help them get more resources and POE Currency in the game. The game team also detailed the various content in Minions, and there will be different reactions to different situations. Many players who have already felt its charm already know this.

Raised Spectres are now monster level 72 to gem level 20 (down from 76), have reduced accuracy and have scaled the monster level a little lower beyond gem level 20. Besides the above build, the game team has also reduced the damage done to players who accidentally injured their teammates, however, it is more likely that players will be attacked by the Snow mantle’s skills. Players who have used it should know that the defense that the build can give players is much higher than normal.

Carrion Golems and Stone Golems have had their damage reduced at all levels, with Carrion Golems getting the more severe reduction as their power exceeded that of other golem types. Elementalist’s Golem Passives provide fewer offensive bonuses to Golems, in part because the rest of the Elementalist now provides effects that can increase damage taken by enemies. The Minion-related Cluster Jewel notables, Rotten Claws and Renewal, have had value reductions as they provided effective damage multipliers at high values.

The above are some details on how Minions are improved in Path of Exile. It is best for players to master it as soon as possible while the time for the new league to be released is still short. Players who are competitive and eager for achievement can also Buy POE Orbs to help them get more resources. Let us thank the game team for this new expansion, and like them!


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