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With the release of the Path of Exile 3.13 update on January 7, players are seeking to create the best version of the new expansion, including new endgame mechanics and new ritual alliance challenges. Requinix provides some of the best Path of Exile 3.13 introductory version, players can use in the ritual alliance. Players can Buy POE Currency for help before starting the alliance.

Spectre dominates in 3.12, this is mainly because the syndicate group's operators broke. Although the likelihood of a nerd with Spectres is high, it is still uncertain how far the nerd will go. Likewise, ghosts are unlikely to be removed or rendered useless as viable builds, but they may not be as dominant as in 3.12.

With the least amount of money invested, the "Golden Ground Slam" / "Cross-Shaking Earth" champion brought the highest damage in the game. It also has a high possibility of nerf. Since this build will undoubtedly not work as expected, because many players can defeat the final game boss, this build is expected to disappear in version 3.13 and be replaced by Lacerate/EQ Bleed Gladiators and Cyclone. If you need more cheap POE Currency, welcome to visit our website POECurrency.

The build of Bladefall / Blade Blast Chieftain / Assassin brought awesome and interesting damage, the variant of Chieftain ended at the top, followed by Poison Assassin, which led to Flashback. The projection of the nerd is medium. At the same time, considering the nerve gas of the poison that may be associated with the assassin's superiority, it is impossible to assume whether the Chief Edition will be nerve gas and how it will happen. However, it is a bit powerful and can be played with elements, poisons and physics.

One of the most popular in version 3.12 is Golem Elementalist, the scavenger with medium nerd projection. This is because the structure is easy and strong even if there is no gear requirement. Similarly, the Carrion Golem will delete the map "OK" and the boss, although it is undoubtedly very powerful. Currently, each golem will cause more than 20% damage.

The high Nerf projection of the blade vortex assassin. Although this construction looks a bit confusing, it is too powerful because the player will destroy the map in 45 seconds. The incoming nerf may cause adjustments to the assassin's advantage, as well as interaction with BV and hit poison. Finally, Buy Chaos Orb can help you quickly enhance the game's strength.

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