Players called for the deletion of Afrasiabi content in World of Warcraft

Players called for the deletion of Afrasiabi content in World of Warcraft

After two years of investigation, California finally filed a lawsuit against Activision Blizzard. Because Alex Afrasiabi, the former senior creative director of World of Warcraft, once harassed women, the lawsuit alleges discrimination, harassment, and "fraternity" culture affect women who work for the TBC Classic Gold company. Although the document mentions that Afrasiabi is known for harassing women, so much so that after the suspected rapist Bill Crosby, his suite was nicknamed ‘Crosby Suite’. But a Blizzard spokesperson still denied these allegations.

Afrasiabi quietly left Blizzard in mid-2020, but the works he once designed still remain in World of Warcraft, many of which are named after him and his roles in EverQuest. The most prominent is that Stormwind City has a task giver named Marshal Afrasiyabi, and another task called the great Frasciabi, which involves an NPC of the same name in Stratholme. His characters Kariel and Foror also appear in various items and legendary entries.

Many players say that they like World of Warcraft very much, but can't stand the many NPCs and stories named after this person in the game. A player requested the removal of Marshal Afrasiabi from Stormwind on a post on the Blizzard forum. Some players even use the /spit emoticon on him.

World of Warcraft has a tradition of naming NPCs after outstanding members of the WOW TBC Classic Gold community, for example, a tribute to the anchor Byron'Reckful' Bernstein, and a trainer named after him. It also deleted these characters when necessary, and removed references to a YouTuber named Swifty after being accused of harassment and abuse.

In response to these allegations, some players canceled their World of Warcraft subscriptions, and even spent their remaining game time on gatherings of hundreds of people in protest. If you want more information, welcome to visit MMOWTS, where you can also buy the secure TBC Classic Gold. They will provide you with the best quality service.


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