Chicago Candy Stores to Satisfy Your Sweet Tooth

Do you have a sweet tooth? Then Chicago candy stores offer everything from exotic truffles to classic treats. Lets find out!

Did you know that Chicago has a candy history? Lemonheads, Juicy Fruit, Cracker Jacks, and Tootsie Rolls all originated in Chicago, which was once called the Candy Capital of the World. Luckily, the town is still home to some of the huge, most unique, and coolest Chicago Candy Stores. Doesn’t it sound sweet? Even now, many local candy makers and companies identically create and sell their own sweet confections throughout the city. 

Apart from this, many of us cannot resist when it comes to candies and sweets as we are born with a sweet tooth. Best of all, it is a type of dessert that is appropriate for any season. Whether you are flicking a lollipop from the trick-or-treating pile, walking around the summer carnivals with a heap of cotton candy, or ordering piles of dark chocolate for Christmas. Indulge your inner kid or might be your actual kids in life at some best candy shops. 

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