Pokemon BDSP: How to find 32 players for Spiritomb and how to find The Odd Keystone?

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Spiritomb is now easier to obtain in Pokemon Brilliant Diamond Shining Pearl due to unique NPCs in Grand Underground. Talking to these characters will also count towards your 32-player limit, which is great for people without the internet.

To find as many as possible, players should visit each major city or route and enter the subway from there. Entering and exiting the hideout spawns new NPCs. It's still easier to log into online mode and run until you find 32 players.

Spiritomb is one of the most elusive Pokemon in Sinnoh. Even if you can quickly communicate with 32 players in online mode, you still have to get Odd Keystone.

The payoff is worth it, as the Ghost-type is one of the most unusual designs. Its powerful moves can also be used against Sinnoh champions who use the mysterious "mon".

Pokemon BDSP

How to find The Odd Keystone?

If you reach Hearthome City without finding The Odd Keystone, you must return to the Grand Underground. Players should use the Explorer Kit in Twinleaf Town or Route 208.

As you explore the caves, yellow sparkles appear on the map. Interact with them on the wall to start the digging mini-game.
The Odd Keystone is completely random, so keep mining the wall until you get it.
When you run out of walls to dig, enter a hideout and escape to respawn new ones.
Represent until you discover the cursed artifact. There are Shiny Pokemon BDSP for sale.

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