I Believe runescape needs its own"Daily Question/Discussion Megathread"

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A questions megathread was asked about before, but it isn't something that we see as being a solution. We have Sunday a cycle of RuneScape Gold regular threads which includes Silly Question. It's just scheduled for biweekly looks, although this appears to match that criteria. Runescape isn't as big or as some subreddits, so it is possible for users to create new articles to ask questions and receive replies without overpowering or flood our subreddit. Unlike some subreddits that is larger, it's possible because entry frequency is lower to navigate here.

Additionally, creating a megathread for queries can give the impression that users are not allowed to create posts to ask questions about Runescape, which isn't an opinion that we support or promote. Article filtering isn't practical on Reddit for regular post therefore it might appear overwhelming for some users to find every article at a subreddit.

(Article flairs do marginally help with this.) This variety induces while others reach sexy some posts to be overlooked, since they're seldom highly upvoted and the majority of query articles don't reach / hot here. 1 side of not utilizing a megathread is that this allows these posts to get the opportunity to be searched for when someone has a question later on. Searching by name for articles, and searching for comments on Reddit is difficult may yield results which deters someone. Not to mention, a sizeable part of questions could be answered on the RuneScape Wiki, which is referred to in the comments.

The daily volume of query articles here does not seem to represent an overwhelming amount that would warrant a daily series of stickies. Maybe we can raise the frequency of Silly Question Sunday from biweekly to weekly? This also sparks the question of, is the purpose of needing a megathread to assist players that have queries, or will it be to conceal these questions from players that do not need to view them's view?

Agreed. I also have some ideas to the sub moderators: Please create a bot that answers to some ribbon with"OSRS" or"oldschool runescape" on the name with a link into the 2007 Runescape sub, so that they can now know there's 2 RuneScape subs, there is a ton of clueless people who post here thinking that is actually the OSRS sub simply to find mass downvoted. Also please create a bot that answers to some"is this real?","Only got this email" fake email/phishing attempt thread, that provides advice about the best way to prevent yourself to fall into malicious links; that they need to also forward the bogus email to Buy RuneScape 2007 Gold jaghex together with the email header info so that it gets noticed and taken action against.


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