What is the home advantage of the Rams in Madden 22?

What is the home advantage of the Rams in Madden 22?

Last year, because fans were unable to participate in the Rams' home games, the team played eight home games in the empty stadium. This year, the Los Angeles Rams played in SoFi Stadium for a season, but their Madden 22 Coins home court advantage in this $5 billion building is still unclear.

In fact, in Madden NFL 22, every team will have at least a little advantage when playing at home. For example, at Lumen Field in Seattle, the visiting team's game art will be difficult to read. In SoFi Stadium, even if the Rams did not gain a huge advantage, stopping on the defensive end would give them some extra motivation.

EA announced on Thursday that the home field advantage of each NFL team and Rams is "the home team gets extra motivation for defensive stops." Although this is not the best advantage, it defeated the Cowboys. When the 50-yard line was kicked, the opponent's punt distance was shortened. To be honest, players won't notice that much. Although there are still some home court advantages that have not reached their goals, at least EA is trying to add elements to the game to make it more realistic.

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