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Fuze BugIt is a bug-zapper device that traps and exterminates insects around the user's body to prevent them from biting. The device was designed by engineers to be easy to use.

What is Fuze Bug and how can it help you?

While summer barbecues and vacations can be exciting, many people don't enjoy the pain and frustration of summer bugs. You can't enjoy summer without bugs. That is why insect repellants and citronella candle are just as essential during warmer weather as patio chairs and outdoor meals.

These staples are not as effective as they promise. The chemicals can cause irritation to skin, particularly for young children. Citronella candles might be effective at repelling bugs. However, it doesn't provide the same level of protection that outdoor activities require. The Fuze Bug, which is made without chemicals, offers an innovative way to combat these issues.

The Fuze Bug is a repellent that's chemical-free and has made outdoor activities much more enjoyable for over 32,000 people. The lamp is not a spray or oil-based, but it will protect the area around it. The UV-free lamp attracts insects and does not pose a risk to children or pets.

Fuze Bug Price activates after it is charged. It can provide protection for up to 20 hours. The Fuze Bug covers an area of up 375 sq. feet so consumers can bring it on camping trips. It doesn't need to be connected to an electrical outlet. You can place it on a table, or hang it up for maximum protection from the biting bugs. The insects will naturally be attracted to light. But, they are instantly zapped with 1000-volts of electricity.

If the tray is clogged with dead insects, you can use the included brush to get them out. To keep bugs from returning, the tray can be quickly replaced. There won't ever be another mosquito in the air so users don't have to swat them all.

How does Fuze Bug work?

Fuze Bug technology makes eliminating insects easy. It doesn't require constant spraying bug spray outside or on anyone. It does not require any type of chemical treatment or topical application. The Fuze Bug can be hanged or left alone to provide support.

The device is very easy to use and requires little maintenance. Fuze Bug lights must first be charged. The green indicator will tell you when the battery has fully charged. The switch will be turned on to activate the device.

The purple light attracts insects to the device. They will then be zapped. Even though this can be very dangerous for the bugs it is also safe for children and pets. It is just large enough for insects to move through but not big enough for a tiny finger or paw.

In just two hours, the Fuze Bug Light should be able to eliminate all insects and mosquitoes from the area. The Fuze Bug is also a lantern that can be used to illuminate dark areas at nights.

Fuze Bugs for Sale

 Fuze Bug lights will be 50% cheaper than the average cost, even though there are only limited supplies. The reward can be claimed without a coupon. But each package available on the official website offers an even greater discount.

The following packages are available:

  • One Fuze Bug Light for $39.99
  • Two Fuze Bug Lights for $75.99
  • Three Fuze Bug lights on sale for $107.98
  • Four Fuze Bug lights starting at $135.97
  • Five Fuze Bug Lights for $159.96

These shipments are delivered within seven days after the original purchase. Fuze Bug users can request a full reimbursement from the company if they find that the insect infestation is not being eliminated.

Fuze Bug FAQs

What exactly is a Fuze Bug?

Fuze Bug acts as a camp lantern by emitting light that zaps all insects entering the area around it. It is extremely lightweight and can withstand any weather. It can be used indoors and outdoors, covering approximately 250 square feet.

Can the Fuze Bug Light actually be used to attract the insects?

Yes. Yes. This purple LED light will attract any bugs that are present in the area. There aren't any chemicals involved.

How do users set up Fuze Bug lights?

Users won't need to do anything in order to achieve the promised performance. Only one thing is required to get the advertised performance: plug the device in, and then empty the bottom shell if too many bugs have accumulated.

Is Fuze Bug a portable lamp?

Yes. It can be put anywhere the user finds it convenient once the battery has been fully charged. While it is charging, the rechargeable batteries don't need power. For charging the light, you can simply plug the battery into the micro-USB adapter. For continuous use, the battery can last for 20 hours and users don't need it to be plugged in more than twice per day.

How should the Fuze Bug cleaned up?

The insect will be zapped to the shell at the bottom. This chamber is located just above the camp lantern light. You can empty the bottom of the unit to clean it.

How long will it take for the Fuze Bugs to arrive?

Most orders are sent within 48 hours. Although delivery can take 7 business day, the company will send a tracking code for your package.

Are there chemicals or smells that consumers should be worried about?

It is not at all. This device does not emit any odors and is completely non-toxic.

To reach the customer support team, send an email to [email protected] You can also call 866-466-2300.


Fuze Bug light gives users a way to enjoy their summers without worrying what insects might be attracted. The Fuze Bug light is free of chemicals. Instead, it relies on natural insect attraction and traps them at the bottom. The device does not require cleaning or maintenance (except for emptying the bugs from the bottom when they are full). This is far cheaper than any bug repellent sprays or candles that would be required.

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