BIGKIS: The Filipino Social Media Platform

BIGKIS: The Filipino Social Media Platform
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Here comes an all-Filipino social media platform for the sociable Filipinos. Bigkis is a combination of a photo and video-sharing social networking service and a blogging website where one can post, react, and interact. It is a useful companion that can help you connect with your friends and share your stories to the world.

Bigkis comes with a social timeline and messenger app that is jam-packed with exciting new features. Searching for friends is easy with Bigkis Search Filters. It uses relationship and gender categories so you can locate the right person. Bigkis is also a communication tool that can keep the user in-touch with loved ones around the world with its chat, audio call, and video call feature. Bigkis Messenger App allows us to enjoy these communication features. The messaging app also comes with a Bigkis Timeline Android App. It allows you to post images, videos, places, music, files, and polls in real time. If writing and expressing your thoughts is interesting to you, perhaps you could start writing blogs and sharing articles with Bigkis users. It will also be easy for your audience to appreciate your work since a comment section is available at the bottom of the page.

Bigkis could be beneficial to business owners too! Product advertisement can be costly and tiresome thus, Bigkis Pages provides an avenue for businesses to promote their products and services for free. Managing social communities can also be done with ease through this platform. Bigkis Groups allows you to create and manage groups so that online gatherings such as meetings and group chats could be easier. It is like a mobile office on the go!

For those who are fans of customization, Bigkis can let you personalize your profile. This may include setting a background image using a customized CSS file. In terms of compatibility, there should be no worries. Studies by (2020) show that 83.47% of Filipinos use Android as their mobile operating system and Bigkis applications are very much compatible with all android devices.

Its amazing features does not only make Bigkis a great social networking alternative, but it also has a pure Filipino packaging. Upon entering the Bigkis website, several pictures of important and historic Philippine landmarks and items could be seen. This alleviates our sense of pride and nationalism just by clicking on Bigkis. This platform is not merely for social networking, but it is a representation that Filipinos could also develop advanced and useable technologies like the highly industrialized countries. Bigkis is also a reminder of how amazing the Philippines is with its hospitable people and breath-taking sceneries as shown in every testimony that Filipinos share in this platform. When I started using Bigkis, I was truly satisfied with everything that it can do. It is like a best friend to me now because I am always with it. Foreigners are also welcome to join Bigkis. Surely, they too will be mesmerized by Bigkis and they will come to appreciate the beauty of the Philippines.

Bigkis is not solely for the techno-savvy. Because of its ease of use and access, even our grannies and parents will be able to use this. Overseas Filipino Workers no longer need to worry about their families because Bigkis will make sure that they are present in every important family occasion. Contacting your groupmate in a school project will no longer be a worry because in just one click, your classmate will know you need help in your assignment. Office dealings can also be done fast and systematically through Bigkis.

To sum it all up, Bigkis is a tailor-made platform created to cater to every Filipinos’ needs. Thus, let the world take part in your most cherished moments. Register now and feel the Filipino vibe with Bigkis!




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Erik Salamat 2 yrs

Bigkis messenger is not in iOS 😭😭