In NBA 2K21, here are the top 10 best online badges.

The badge system in NBA 2K21 provides players with an advantage on both offense and defense. These particular badges are well-suited for use in online games.

In NBA 2K21, gamers can take their MyPlayer build online and pit their Paint Beast or Playmaking Shot Creator against other players to see who is the best. Whether it's 5 on 5 in The Rec or 3 on 3 in The Neighborhood, good Badges make for an ideal build.

While Badge selection is usually dictated by a player's position and playstyle, there are some Badges that every build should try to take advantage of when competing online. With the current meta in 2K21, badges that have an impact on turnovers, contested shots, and Team Takeover prove to be the most beneficial.

10. Make contact with the Finisher

Contact Finisher is a Finishing Badge that increases the ability to finish field goal attempts through defensive contact. When attempting a contact lay-up or contact dunk, this Badge will be activated.

It's common for the opposing team to field a Paint Beast or other effective post defender, and scoring against a build that specializes in rim protection can be difficult. Defenders will have to put in more effort and execute better in order to counter this Badge.

9. Slithery Finisher

Slithery Finisher is a Finishing Badge that increases the player's ability to avoid defenders while gathering the ball and finishing at the rim. When attempting a lay-up or dunk around defenders, this Badge will be activated.

While some players prefer to posterize defenders in order to send them to the hardwood floor, avoiding defenders entirely can result in a much easier shot attempt. When the opposing team packs the paint, this is a great Badge for slashers to use to dissect the defense on their way to the hoop.

8. Hot Zone Hunter (also known as Hot Zone Hunter 2).

Hot Zone Hunter is a Shooting Badge that increases percentages for players who shoot from their Hot Zones, which can be found on their Player Card. When you make a jump shot within a Hot Zone, this Badge will activate.

While perfect jump shot timing will cause any unblocked shot to go into the net, even near-perfect timing can be surprisingly fruitless in online modes. As a result, this is simply one of the Badges that provides the greatest boost to a player's shooting percentage.

7. Range Extender

Range Extender is a Shooting Badge that allows players to effectively shoot from longer distances without incurring a shooting penalty. This Badge will activate on any three-point or mid-range jumper made by the NBA2K21 MT player.

Space to shoot can be difficult to come by, especially with many gamers possessing excellent defensive anticipation and help-side defense. This Badge can allow players to channel their inner Steph Curry and hit 3-pointers from beyond the arc. Long twos, which are typically avoided by defenders in favor of three-pointers and slashes to the rim, can be a shooter's secret sweet spot in which to score.

6. Unpickable

Unpluckable is a Playmaking Badge that reduces the likelihood of the ball being stolen from the ball handler. When an opposing player attempts to steal the ball from the user, this badge will activate.

This is almost a must-have for any guard or wing whose style of play includes a lot of dribbling around the defense. Unfortunately, NBA2K21 MT allows for opponents to become overly aggressive in their steal attempts. While well-timed double-teams or proper position and timing from on-ball defenders can result in unavoidable turnovers, this Badge will assist a ball-handler in dealing with the other dozen steal attempts that he or she is likely to encounter during a game.


5. Dimer

Dimer is a Playmaking Badge that increases the shot percentage of an open teammate after he or she receives a pass. This Badge will activate when the ball is passed to an open teammate who then takes a shot shortly after.

This Badge is particularly useful for the beloved pass-first Point Guards or Centers such as Nikola Joki, who like to feed open shooters off rebounds and double-teams. Given how narrow the margins for accurate shooting are in 2k21's online modes, combining both shooting and passing badges to increase shot percentages can provide a competitive advantage.

4. Intimidator

Intimidator is a Defense/Rebounding Badge that reduces the shot percentages of opponents who attempt a field goal around a defender who has this Badge. This Badge will activate whenever an opponent attempts a shot, lay-up, or dunk in close proximity to the player.

This is one of the best defensive Badges available in the game, as it significantly increases the effectiveness of shot contests, and will even have an effect on shots taken in close proximity to a defender equipped with Intimidator. It's no less useful online, where nearly unguardable Playmaking Shot Creators can speed around to open spots and pull up for a jumper in cartoonish fashion.

Decide on Dodger as your pick.

Pick Dodger is a Defense/Rebounding Badge that allows defenders to better maneuver around screens. This Badge will be activated whenever the player is screened while playing defense.

It's a coin toss whether the opposing team will use screens as part of their offense or not, but they're a staple of basketball offenses for a reason. Getting screened (even by a guard) can open up a lot of space for the opposing offense, and this Badge significantly reduces the impact that picks will have on players.

2. Rim Protector

Rim Protector is a Defense/Rebounding Badge that increases the effectiveness of attempted blocks, provides unique block animations, and gives a boost to Team Takeover after a successful block.

Opposing teams in NBA 2K21 will frequently have at least one effective slasher on the court, and it will be difficult to keep them from scoring simply by putting one's feet on the floor and raising one's hands in the air. For big men who take pride in being their team's last line of defense, the boost to Team Takeover is merely a nice bonus.

Showtime is a Finishing Badge that gives a boost to Team Takeover when they complete an And-1 or a flashy dunk. As the name implies, this Badge will be activated when you complete an And-1 or a flashy dunk.

This is perhaps the best Badge for teams that want to complete their Takeover as quickly as possible. Having the entire team receive their Takeover can result in a scoring run that effectively decides the game. Whether you're on the fast break or on the receiving end of an alley-oop, this Badge will provide tangible benefits in addition to the momentum that a spectacular play would normally provide.

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