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 Paintings or sculptures are priced reasonably and which could also appreciate over time

 Paintings or sculptures are priced reasonably and which could also appreciate over time, allowing to enjoy even more glory later on ("I purchased a sculpture by

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 X before it burst into flames" and so on. ).

 It can also be made that purchasing work from living artists directly helps the ecosystem of arts and is an altruistic bonus to build.

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 Your collection of art.

 Do: Set your budget beforehand

 Before you start your artwork research, it's a good idea to establish your budget.

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 Depending on the scale of the work you're after, shipping could run into the thousands of dollars, and it's something to take into account. Certain

 Outdoor sculptures might need to be maintained yearly. It is therefore an excellent idea to be aware of the costs associated with it.

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 Once you've decided on a price point you're comfortable with, conduct some preliminary market study. There are many art marketplaces accessible online.


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