How Is Qatar Cancellation Policy Different From Hawaiian?

Qatar airways & Hawaiian airlines cancellation policy

Qatar Airways is a state-owned airline in Qatar. The airline came into existence in 193, and today, it flies out to more than 150 international and domestic airports. The airline has always worked for the benefit of its customers. And this is why along with the best booking services, it also offers flexible booking terminations. 

Qatar Airways Cancellation Policy

The refund policy of Qatar Airways states all the terms and conditions that the airline applies on each of its flight booking terminations. It is quite similar to the cancellation policy of many other airlines. 


Let’s put an eye on this one first. 

  • You can cancel a flight ticket booked a week before the flight’s departure date for free. The risk-free time frame to cancel it is within the first 24 hours of the flight bookings.

  • If the airline cancels a flight at the last minute, it provides a complete refund of the flight fare. The passengers, in necessity, can ask for a seat on the next flight instead of the money. 

  • On canceling non-refundable tickets or after 24 hours, the airline charges a fee. The fee usually lies between $100-$500. The actual penalty amount depends on the type of booking and other related information. 

  • The airline deducts the penalty from the flight fare and credits the balance back within seven working days.

You can take a look at the original Qatar Airways Cancellation Policyon the official website of the airline or can connect with its experts over a call and ask them to explain the policy to you. 

Hawaiian Airlines Cancellation Policy

The policy of Hawaiian Airlines is very similar to Qatar’s. The only differences between the two are mentioned below.

  • Hawaiian Airlines charges a penalty between $100-$400, while Qatar’s can go up to $500. 

  • Qatar takes seven days to credit the refund. However, Hawaiian might take a longer time. It refunds the money within 7-10 working days. 

Here, we will see how the refund policy of Qatar is different from Hawaiian. Let’s take a look!


Like Qatar, Hawaiian Airlines of Hawaii also offers cancellations at its customers’ fingertips and has a Hawaiian Airlines cancellation policy like Qatar. Both the airlines have mentioned the conditions applicable to their flight booking cancellation. 

Just these minor differences are present in the two policies. You can contact the airlines on their hotline numbers and talk to experts to know more.


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