In NBA 2K21, what exactly is Trial of Champions?

In NBA 2K21, what exactly is Trial of Champions?MyTeam & Restrictions on Rewards

The upcoming new season of NBA 2K's MyTeam mode has been announced.

What is MyTeam, and why should you care?
The MyTeam mode in NBA 2K is a fantasy mode in which players can earn 2K MT and purchase in-game cards to create lineups and teams featuring their favorite players from the past and present.

The cards are divided into tiers, with the lowest tier being bronze and the highest tier being “Invisible” (which includes all 99 stats). Diamond, Pink Diamond, Galaxy Opal, and Dark Matter are some of the other tiers available at this point in the game. Each tier usually has better stats than the one beneath it. In addition, players can purchase virtual "packs" of cards to enter the mode.

What is the name of the eighth season of MyTeam?
The new season will be titled "Trial of Champions," and it will feature an NBA playoff theme, as the NBA is currently in the midst of its regular season.

The six-week season of "Trial of Champions" will take place.
What does it mean to be in a "Trial of Champions"?
The "Trial of Champions" isn't just the name of the season; it's also the name of a new competition in the MyTeam mode. Fans will compete in a three-on-three match with a total of six players in an epic three-on-three match. The NBA's leading scorer will give all of the game's fans a free new player to use in the game.

Season 8 will start with six unique “Trial of Champions” cards, including the following players:
Anthony Davis is a professional basketball player who plays for
Donovan Mitchell Damian Lillard Damian Lillard Damian Lillard Damian Lillard Damian L

Ben Simmons is an actor who has appeared in several films
Jayson is a young man who is passionate aboutZion Williamson Zion Williamson Zion Williamson Zion Williamson Zion Williams

An overview of the new MyTeam Season 8 cards.
NBA 2K is a basketball simulation game that was released in
What is the reward for reaching Level 40?
MyTeam has a feature where you can earn points for completing challenges during each season (which lasts between three and six weeks). Because you have reached the 40th level of the rewards, the top reward for completing those challenges is the "Level 40 reward."

Steph Curry, Blake Griffin, Dwyane Wade, Kawhi Leonard, David Robinson, JR Smith, and Vince Carter are among the players who have received awards in the past.
The Level 40 reward for this season will be an “Invisible” Luke Doncic. The "Invisible" cards contain all 99 stats and represent the game's highest level of players.

What are some of the other benefits?
Some Dark Matter players, for example, are among the season's other rewards:
Bob McAdoo is a well-known figure in the entertainment industry.
Robert Parish is a writer who lives in the United
Tom Van Arsdale is a well-known actor.
Dick Van Arsdale is an actor who has appeared in several films.
Drazen Petrovic is a Croatian businessman.
Horace is a fictional character who appears in thePermission is granted
Willis Reed is an American actor who is best known for his
“The Iceman” is a fictional character who lives in the United States. George Gervin is a musician from the United States.
A new log-in reward is now available every day.
From June 4 to June 11, players can earn a free Trae Young player by playing the MyTeam mode every day.

Who is the Recipient of the Limited Reward?
Players can compete in the Limited mode, where winning every week earns you virtual rings and NBA 2K21 MT. Invincible Moses Malone will be given to those who win six rings in Limited this season (one for each weekend of the season).

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