Benefits of Yoga

For this reason, it is advisable to practice it regularly and gradually, and to adapt to each person and moment of your life to enjoy its benefits, which we list below of  Benefits of Yoga





Benefits of Yoga


Today we live in a hurry, run from one place to another, hardly have time for ourselves, something essential to stay fit and live more relaxed. In this case, yoga is ideal for you.


Numerous studies suggest that continued practice of yoga poses improves our basic physical skills, strength, stability, speed, and prevents injury.


For this reason, it is advisable to practice it regularly and gradually, and to adapt to each person and moment of your life to enjoy its benefits, which we list below of  Benefits of Yoga



1. Increases strength, endurance and flexibility

The different asanas train several muscles at the same time, so not only does yoga tighten the body, it also increases resistance and improves balance and flexibility, because with continuous practice your muscles and tendons stretch and you achieve more elasticity over time .


2. Increase concentration

Another reason yoga is beneficial is to increase your ability to concentrate.


Practicing the various postures or asanas with bated breath helps you focus on each movement. On the other hand, improving concentration is also positive for work or study, as well as for solving problems and achieving a goal while avoiding distractions. benefits of yoga


3. Reduces menstrual cramps

Some of the yoga asanas offer numerous benefits during menstruation. On the one hand they calm the nervous system, on the other hand they strengthen and relax the abdominal muscles


4. Strengthens the immune system

Benefits of yoga helps reduce cortisol, the stress-related hormone.


Elevated cortisol levels can lead to mood swings, weight gain, high blood pressure, problems sleeping, or changes in the immune system. Since yoga practice directly affects this hormone, our resistance to disease and infection increases.


5. Helps you control and maintain your weight

Benefits of yoga also help to Eat less than your body needs and exercise to lose weight. Yoga will help you with this because, to the surprise of many, you train with yoga.


In addition benefits of yoga , it stimulates you to control the urge to eat better and in smaller quantities.


6. Increase self-esteem

The yoga philosophy teaches to focus on improving the body, mind and spirit, which has a direct impact on self-esteem.


A relaxed person with emotional stability is able to instill much more trust in their day-to-day relationships.


7. You can practice yoga anywhere

Another benefit of yoga is that you can practice it anywhere you feel comfortable and calm. For example, many people do yoga in their living room because they don't need any specific material or special conditions other than a mat.


8. Increases lung capacity (benefits of yoga)

Are you breathing incorrectly, through your mouth and puffing out your chest instead of your stomach? Yoga can help you breathe well.


From the first day you start practicing, they will teach you how to breathe properly through special exercises or pranayamas that will help you better control your breathing and empty or lung capacity through inspiration, exhalation and air retention increase full lungs. .


When you breathe deeply, the brain, blood, tissues and mucous membranes are better supplied with oxygen.


9. Reduces stress and makes relaxation easier

Every sport fights stress because endorphins are released during exercise. With yoga, a state of relaxation and calm is achieved, which enables you to free yourself from the daily tension and to reduce (and even eliminate) stress.


10. Contributes to a better recovery

Yoga helps separate our minds, makes it easier to fall asleep, and combats insomnia. In addition to this, it also increases its quality so that when you wake up you will have higher energy levels.


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