Will Nintendo release the Animal Crossing: New Horizons update at E3 2021?

Will Nintendo release the Animal Crossing: New Horizons update at E3 2021?

Between June 12th and 15th, Nintendo will hold Animal Crossing's E3 Direct. Although the 1.10 update appeared a few months ago, it did not bring players the long-awaited content update. Players have been saddened by the lack of new events and activities in the game, and this time they will focus all their attention on the upcoming E3 Direct.

Nintendo has not yet revealed any updates to the game, but data miners have found evidence that the game will undergo many major updates. As a loyal player of the Animal Crossing game, what do you expect E3 Direct will release?

Data miners found evidence of fence customization and museum expansion last month. This may sound silly, but fence customization has always been a hot topic in the Animal Crossing community. As a result, several players cracked the title last year and installed Harvey's fence in the game. Although these were quickly deleted, this only reiterated the importance of fence customization.

Another update that fans have been waiting for is the ACNH Items ability to expand their museum to open a cafe in the same way as New Leaf. This cafe can also introduce one of the most popular characters in the series, Brewster. These are just rumors, but their proximity to E3 Direct implies that something must be cooking.

Another game that excites fans is The Legend of Zelda. The title is celebrating its 35th anniversary, which means that a crossover with a behemoth like Animal Crossing is about to come. There are several Legend of Zelda items in Animal Crossing: New Horizons, including the Zelda villager Amiibo card in New Leaf. Faithful gamers have witnessed the crossover with Mario, and Mario has added themed furniture to the game. If not after E3, the crossover with The Legend of Zelda may unfold sometime in the future.

Since Nintendo has not revealed any Animal Crossing Bells updates about Animal Crossing so far, it is very likely that Nintendo will not mention Animal Crossing at all during the E3 event. This is a harsh reality that no Animal Crossing player can digest.

Except for a few seasonal updates that will take place in July, there may not be any major updates this month. Nintendo may continue to update seasonal events, such as the fireworks festival that began last year. But repeating the same seasonal content every year can make players feel tired. If during this E3 Direct period, Nintendo still has not released the long-awaited update for fans, it will definitely disappoint the players.


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