Do you Expect the Nike Kobe 6 Protro Grinch

Do you Expect the Nike Kobe 6 Protro Grinch

The iconic Nike Kobe 6 "Grinch" has just been revealed and will be released as a Protro early next year. Recently we have seen Nike spend some time in the Kobe footwear collection. With the unfortunate death of the NBA legend earlier this year, each color scheme released is more special than Protro's. Next year, Nike will dig deeper into the field of vaulting and usher in a year of exciting release. This version may be one of the most representative colors in Kobe's huge lineup. This sneaker was originally released in 2010 and is called "Grinch". This sneaker is released during the holidays, with a full green upper, red laces and black Nike Swoosh logo. Although bright and weird, I hope these will disappear soon, because they are one of Kobe's favorites.

The Nike Air Max 1 sneaker, which debuted as early as 1987, will become the theme of the future. Its upper design will use wear-resistant uppers, and will show a new look under its peak white transformation. At first glance at this Air Max 1, you might think that this sneaker is just wearing a casual and neutral white dress, but this AM1 hides a personality trait that makes everything different. The official description of the white, sail, and tan colors for the peak, which is the official reservation, brings out a huge factor waiting to be exposed under the worn design. With wear and tear, this pair of sneakers evolved from a white sleek interpretation to a shoe full of copper details and copper stitching. In order to complement the copper design, white details appear in the form of laces, tongues, midsoles and outsoles, while the tongue and heel brands choose 50% white and 50% copper.

We just took a fresh look at the upcoming Nike SB Dunk Low, which showcases a variety of different materials and prints on the coveted skateboard shoes with a unique "What The" theme. By 2020, we will see more leaks every day. Just today, we posted several Nike SB leaks on social media, showing a new design, and many people said that this is for Chinese New Year. We know that this festival is very popular in sports shoes, and with the full effect of Nike SB's acquisition, the opportunity is right now. Although wearing the unique metallic copper, light silver and pueblo brown color scheme, the absurd color block does not achieve design justice. Featuring themes of different colors and materials, each sneaker has a distinctive new look. The color on the left is lighter, with fluffy suede, canvas, and giraffe patterns, while the toe on the right is golden and the whole body is orange and yellow. Really a more unique Nike SB dunk, we have seen it for a while, which makes them more sought after.


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