What is Broad Form Insurance Coverage?

Get the basic over of broad form insurance policy.

What do you think about when you think about car insurance? Coverages, deductibles, discounts, liability limits, affordability, how to buy it, how much it costs, how the quotes are determined, what to do if you have an accident, how to pay and more. However, if you're like most car owners, you probably don't think about your auto insurance in detail.

Auto insurance is one of those things that you can easily forget about until you get a speeding ticket or get into an accident. Broad form car insurance coverage is a term to describe auto insurance policies that can be used in place of a traditional car insurance policy - this allows you to save money because you don't have to carry the full coverage policy, but still, be protected as if you did.

Difference Between Broad and Comprehensive Insurance?

The most comprehensive insurance plans, the ones that cover the most things, are known as “broad insurance” while the least comprehensive plans are “comprehensive insurance”. A comprehensive policy will cover basic accidents, vandalism, and theft, but not things such as medical expenses, legal fees, and other unexpected events. This type of insurance is useful if you don’t expect to have expensive unforeseen incidents.

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