Pokémon BDSP Christmas Event: How to Get a Christmas Mystery Gift-Shiny Statues

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Christmas is approaching, and Pokémon Brilliant Diamond Shining Pearl has also prepared Christmas-themed mysterious gifts for trainers, but they are only time-limited. The mystery gift feature has been in the Pokémon series since its debut in 1996. With this feature, trainers can get gifts distributed by the Pokémon company via the Internet or using local communications. This is how players get special items or event exclusive Legendary Pokémon. At the beginning of the event, the trainer can get a new mysterious gift code, and then get five new shiny statues.

First, the player needs to unlock the mysterious gift function. BDSP requires trainers to wait until they can access their first stadium badge to get it. Next, return to the Happy City and enter the TV station. Then you need to talk to the person on the second floor and answer his questions. He will eventually reward the trainer's ability to use mysterious gifts.

The mystery gift is now activated; there is a new code for players to claim. After the trainer is unlocked, the mysterious gift menu can be found in the pause screen. Select "get with code/password" and enter "MERRYCHR1STMAS". This code will provide players with shiny Statues of Pachirisu, Lucario, Rhyperior, Electivire, and Glaceon. Once the trainer has unlocked access to the underground world, these can be used. Here, these statues can be used to directly influence the type of Pokémon spawned in the dens.

Use shiny statues in Pokémon Brilliant Diamond Shining Pearl
Pokemon BDSP secret base design
The Grand Underground will have several different types of element rooms, each with its own type of Pokémon. You need to know that the spawn rate of each Pokémon in the game is different, but as you unlock more the Sinnoh region, rare Pokémon will begin to spawn. This is especially important once the trainer obtains the National Dex, as it will completely change the Pokémon that appears in the Grand Underground.

Trainers need to create a secret base before they can use these shiny statues. The trainer can use the drilling tool project to create a small space in any solid hole on the wall. Here, you can decorate their secret base with different types of statues. Placing the statues you get will directly affect the dens. For example, setting a shiny Lucario statue will cause more fighting and steel Pokémon to appear, because Lucario is of this type. These statues are usually obtained by mining inside the walls of the Grand Underground; however, players can obtain some statues without much effort. Note that this code will expire on December 25th, so players need to quickly claim these free items and don’t miss the great opportunity.

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