Why is your fury really worthwhile?

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Ok right now I've got RuneScape gold a little over 11 mil. Present best things: D Long, DD(P++), Whip, D Legs (shifting to d skirt, I do not care I am short on money ). Zammy Pages 1-4 (To lazy to do the quest right now, price is soaring, so may as well purchase ). Granite Body, Black Mask, D Boots, D B-axe (for instance, also have roughly 1k 4 will animate pots) Multiple glorys... So I suppose I am a normal level 82 meele based player (Except for its black mask).

My questions are: Why is your fury really worthwhile? 3 mil to get a ammy is really steep, but when it is really all that much better I could get it. Is it really that good? I am way to lazy to perform mm, plus I will lend it out once I am not using it. Reply's with this just from individuals who have or currently have the sara sword. I'll be blowing almost all of my cash on these 2 things, but I can always retailer (that is how I got my 19 mil), however I would have to work my way up again. On a side note, new members. Don't waste all of your money on summoning. I spent about 3+ mil on getting 29 summoning (spirit spider and mosquito pouches) and it's not worthwhile. I'm selling the d long after 70 attack (30K away from 69 now ) and gettting a rune defender (after 69 attack). Thanks guys!

The only reason I received my fishing /cooking around 53 is beacuse of heroes' (believe was the pursuit *srcaches head) And I was wondering, are those skills worth gettoing up? I don't mind cooking (witch tiles such as an esay 99) but I hate fishing. Here are the questions: Where's a good spot to train fishing/cooking? How high will I want to receive my fishing level up, so that I make money? (more then green dargs) How long will it take me to get 99 cooking/fishing? Just how much does it cost me to buy 99 cooking?

Alright from 75 cooking (were I started, and because 75 you dont burn lobs anymore (assuming you're using cooking gaunts the whole time)): 39,104 Lobsters to get to 91 the initial marker, this would price 12,044,032 [39,104 Lobsters] (1,994,304 is lost AFTER the 39k Lobsters is sold). 13,612 Monkfish to get to 94 the next mark, this could cost 5,485,636 [13,612 Monkfish] (666,988 is missing AFTER the 13k Monkfish is marketed ). 24,238 Sharks to get to 99 the destination, this would cost 24,286,476 [24,237 Sharks](969,520 Is missing After the 24k Shark is sold). So all together you'd lose 3,630,812. Those prices were taken a few weeks ago but this is an estimate of how much it'd cost for 99 cooking. It should require 1-2 weeks to arrive. As for fishing you can cut RS07 Gold down on prices for 99 cooking by fishing to get the food which you are cooking.


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