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popularity and cost as an alpha Velsan XL. Going one step in addition, to say that the handsome ones

 (similarly to being tall and/or big) own Velsan XL  lots more fee and consequently... More alpha than the tall and huge alpha men? Glaringly we will see simply how ridiculous this sounds via analyzing that out loud and hearing how it sounds. The bodily size of a human Velsan XL makes no distinction as to their price as someone no more than the form and size of a woman's body does her fee as character. But every other absurdity brought approximately by way of the common simpletons of society. As there are so many flaws in this thinking i do not even want to listing and explain any of them. Being dominant: here's a famous concept this is applied by way of the commoner as a trait of an "alpha Velsan XL." the concept in.


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