How to write Hello World program in Django? How to start with Django?

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Django is a high-level Python web mesh. It helps in faster evolution, polished and sensible design. Developed by skillful developers, the app takes care of much of the inconvenience of web development, so a user can focus on writing the app. It is free, open-source, and it is incredibly fast. This app is famous for its distinctive and well-controlled app framework. Some of Django's favorite apps are Instagram, Spotify, Pinterest, Mozilla, and National Geographic.

How to Create and Run the Django App:

First of all, install the virtual environment. Of course, you can continue without the virtual environment, but the virtual environment can be conducive later on.

$ pip install virtualenv


Generate a Virtual Environment

$ virtualenv –p /usr/bin/python3 helloworld_VE

Turn on the Virtual Environment

$ sourcehelloworld_VE/bin/activate

Establish the Newest Django Framework in the Virtual Environment

$ pip install Django

Generate a Project

$ Django-admin startproject myproject

Proceed inside the Newly Created Project Directory

$ cd myproject

You will be able to view a file named and also there will be a directory with the same name as the project.

You can make the app here.Every project includes one or more than one app.All of these apps are plug-able modules which means that you can reutilize them again in some other project if it was written properly.

$ python startapp helloworld

Now proceed inside helloworld directory and generate a new file named

Now write the lines given below to this file and save the file.

from Django.conf.urls import url

from . import views


       url(r ‘ ^ $ ‘ ,views.index , name=’index’),


Now open the views file and save the code given below in it.

from djnago.shortcuts import render

from django.http import HttpResponse 

def index(request):

       return HttpResponse(“Hello World. First Django Project.PythonCircle.Com”)

Now incorporate the URLs of helloworld app in the main project URLs file.

After this open myproject/ file and make an addition of the line below in urlpatterns

url(r ‘ ^helloworld/’, include(‘helloworld.urls’)),

After this include the import module

From django.conf.urls import include

Now ultimately add on helloworld in already installed apps in myproject/ file

After this begin the Django development server by running the code.

$ python runserver

Now this will be able to run the Python HTTP server on the localhost and also on 8000 port. If you are willing to run it on a different port then you have to use the port number in the command. For an instance $ python runserver 8888.

Now make use of this command in order to make your project available to everyone on the network.

$ python runserver

This was a basic tutorial for beginners to install the Django app and also start using it in about 5 minutes.

Conclusion - 

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