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fact (1) there are extra functionality connections among the cells in a single mind than atoms within the

entire universe. The mind has about one hundred billion neurofy (nerve cells), and every neuron has up to at least one,000 'docking factors' wherein it may hook up with others. If all of these capability connections have been made, there could be well over 100 thousand billion facts changing links. In exercise, of direction, fine a tiny fraction of these connections are ever set up. Use it or lose it whether or now not you're balancing your bills, analyzing salsa, or playing gin rummy, your brain's 'energy grid' lighting up like time square. Neurofy  Chemical messages journey at speeds of as plenty as numerous hundred kmh from one nerve cell to the subsequent along 'cables' referred to as axons. Geared up to get hold of all that information are nerve mobile 'branches' referred to as dendrites. You yourself play the.


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