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Drew Cheskin has also volunteered at Shake-A-Leg Miami Summer Camp to help develop artistic ability in children with neurotypical disabilities. Well, he is also a dog lover. He has worked with the Miami-Dade Animal Shelter and walked dogs of all breeds and sizes. He has also introduced do

University life is one of the phases of students' lives where they work hard to provide value to society. In the span of 3 to 5 years of university life, students learn a lot more about their roles and responsibilities. They see how their contributions can bring a great good. University life helps students learn how to balance passion, profession, and social responsibilities. For instance, at the University of Miami, students like Drew Cheskin Miami not only work hard in their academics but also to bring a sense of responsibility towards society.

Drew Cheskin Miami, a student on the Dean's list, studies Motion Pictures Production at the University of Miami. Even while preparing for a practical-oriented field, Drew Cheskin does not walk out on volunteer work. As a responsible student, he thinks about academically helping fellow students. For example, he makes notes of lectures he attends and uploads them on a network named note-taker, where the notes can benefit others too.

Drew Cheskin Miami is one of the socially responsible students at the University of Miami. In association with OneBlood, Police Sergeant, Sgt. Addy Villanueva, and the University of Miami Police Department, Drew Cheskin helped organized a blood and plasma donation drive. During two weeks, Drew Cheskin and OneBlood successfully raised awareness for donating blood and plasma. The drive helped OneBlood collect more than 200 units of blood plasma that can save more than 500 lives.

Drew Cheskin Miami, just like many other students at the University of Miami, is dedicated to volunteering. His concern for disabled children shows his humanity. In high school, he did not lean back and only show his sympathy. He steps forward to encourage others. Thus, he has volunteered at the Shake A Leg Miami Summer Camp and also helped children prepare a musical play for another volunteer organization.

Drew Cheskin Miami is also compassionate towards animals. His love for animals and passion for volunteering encouraged him to volunteer at Miami Dade Animal Shelter. He participated as a dog walker. He not only assisted in taking care of the dogs at the camp but also helped homeless dogs meet their adoptive parents.

Many students dream big to deliver their selfless services for the welfare of society. They work generously to meet their goals and leave their mark. Hence, if you are passionate about something and need to achieve it, work hard until you achieve it.

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