Path of Exile: useful skills for the witch summoner

The construction of the summoner who prepares the witch is very easy and flexible.

The construction of the summoner who prepares the witch is very easy and flexible, because the player almost only needs the "maximum life span" and "maximum resistance" to get started. Agility is an important indicator of jewelry, because the witches in the Path of Exile do not naturally come from many agility nodes on the passive tree. It may be useful to place items on rings and amulets to meet the attributes of the item or gem. If players can spend more POE Currency on this build so far, they can buy better items.

Because the minions in Path of Exile often require a certain degree of accuracy, another excellent aura to use is "Accuracy", which also provides a good crit rate bonus. Pride is also a good choice, because it will increase the physical damage the enemy receives, and the creeps used in this ultimatum build version will also cause physical damage and elemental damage.

Other useful gems in Path of Exile include: dash for extra movement, frost bomb that can cause more cold damage to the enemy and reduce its life regeneration, storm shield, and more block chance if needed, and Immortal moves, "cast when you get hurt." If you use a skeleton as the main minion, the player should pack Raise Zombie into a 4L item and support it with Meat Shield and Feeding Frenzy so that each minion can cause more damage. And Zombies can taunt the enemy. If players want to attack zombies, they can purchase POE Currency to enhance their equipment and skills.

This is all the work this week. I hope gamers are willing to play the role of a witch summoner in Path of Exile: Ultimatum, and can Buy POE Currency to improve their equipment and skills, make their minions more deadly, and also take advantage of the alliance's rare monster wave.

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