Why do cats have a weakness for red dots emitted by laser pointers?

We now know that cats are experts at detecting small movements in almost any lighting condition. The rapid movement of the laser darts more or less mimics the prey in a hurry, which will speed up your cat's predatory instinct. Suddenly, your cat does what it was born to do: hunt, sta

What is laser syndrome?

Laser pointer syndrome (LPS) is a type of harmful obsessive-compulsive behavior that results from the forced pursuit of reflections, light, and shadows. AKC shows that the use of blue laser pointer can cause this behavior because dogs are frustrated, anxious and confused about inaccessible red dots. With the advancement of crystal diode technology over the past decades, the powerful 10,000mw high power laser pointer is no longer just for military installations, observatories or research. When generating powerful laser beams for large equipment requiring high voltage power supplies, we now see that portable laser pointers can have the same power output in practice.

On the other hand: is the green light laser pointer harmful to dogs? Dogs are more likely to become obsessed with laser pointers than cats, and can even be diagnosed with obsessive-compulsive disorder related to this activity. Animal behaviorists recommend that you look for activities other than tracking lasers when playing with puppies. Although the FDA regulates the power of many laser pointers, there are still many unregulated laser pointers on sale that can produce higher power levels.

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