The relationship between NBA 2K21 MyTEAM New Limited Mode and the auction house

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Since 2K released New Limited Mode, the auction house in the game seems to have been affected. When the 2K team released the latest NBA 2K21 on September 4, it addicted all players to the new mode and the fresh experience brought by the new players and ignored the research on other parts of the game. Mainly because many players are eager to complete various new star challenges because they want a lot of NBA 2K21 MT.

Limited Mode is a new mode in NBA 2K21 MyTEAM, which will put players under strict restrictions every weekend. It appears to be a 2K version of EA’s popular weekend league format. Although the two seem to be similar, the rewards that players receive in the end are different. But with the update of a series of other modes, especially the emergence of Unlimited 2.0, people believe that this may be a more casual mode for 2K enthusiasts.

The auction house has also undergone some major changes. The rule within limits means that every week players will be required to meet a specific set of requirements within their team. It may require players in one week to use only silver cards, and it may require players over 30 years old in another week. This may be an opportunity for some players. They may get some MT or VC through this method.

When players know that the game team will set limits for the team, it means that they cannot plan their team in advance, which also means that the price will rise sharply on the first day of the game, and players will scramble to play. The 2K21 auction house may be busier than ever, but if they can invest wisely, they can buy some lower-quality cards first in order to show up next weekend.

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