The New World development team must strengthen communication with players in order to save this game

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New World's development team promised to "be more transparent and communicate more frequently." In a lengthy blog post to the game's official forum, the team solved many problems, large and small, including role transfers, server status, patch schedules and downtime, economics; deflation, exploits, and coin cultivation; Lag, errors, and even temperance in the game.

In fact, since the release, their team has been working hard to collect, investigate and solve the problems raised by players.  Expressed their desire for better communication, questions and feedback received from the enthusiastic community. Perhaps the most important thing for players is that New World players should now see that character transfer has been re-enabled, and "most players should be able to move their characters".

Luxendra added that they are committed to ensuring that the community is satisfied with the long-term play. After the completion of this wave of role transfers, the development team will continue to monitor player feedback and provide additional transfers when needed. They are also committed to the region-the role to the region has shifted, but it is difficult to solve and it takes time. They also solved the server problem.

"We understand that this may mean that new players cannot play with their old friends, and some worlds do not receive the number of new players that other servers may receive, which may have various effects. We will continue to monitor this situation It will adjust accordingly in real-time and provide 24-hour notice before the server is marked as full."

The update and promise were released after New World players encountered a series of issues, including a bug that crashed the game every time someone sent an image (or worse) through its global chat client, resulting in "annoying behavior ". Amazon has also recently been forced to increase the server capacity of each world to reduce the queue time in the new world. Just a few weeks ago, players once again reported that playing in the new world would take up the GPU, although Amazon firmly refuted the claim. In fact, players can Buy New World Coins on the official website.

Amazon Games’ New World seems to have reduced its 1 million player base by about half since its release. An analysis of freely available data on SteamCharts shows that since its launch at the end of September, the MMO has lost approximately 135,000 players every week when it reached an impressive peak of 913,027 players on October 3rd. After New World went live, the number of players was monitored at the same time every Sunday. The number of players online at the same time dropped from 913,000 to 726,000, 608,000 on October 23, and fell to 508,000 on October 23, which is slightly less than half of the players that the game saw at the beginning of the month. The number of people.

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