Few Essential & Vital SEO Factors That Affect SERPs Of A Website

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Despite the fact that there are other search engines, Google has the most market share. Each search engine, such as Google, Yahoo, or Bing, has its unique algorithm. They may differ in various ways, but the bulk of search engines include SEO variables while examining a website. The search engines never disclose their algorithms anywhere.

Moreover, they just modify their algorithm from time to time. Even though the search engine's algorithm is a great secret for many webmasters and SEO experts, some common search engine optimization SEO factors affect SERPs. Here are the top SEO factors that need to be considered by every marketer.

1. Keyword in the domain name

2. Unique content

3. Title of Web Page

4. H1 H2 tags

5. Competition of the Keywords

6. Keyword density

7. Age of domain

8. Frequency of Updating

9. Internal link structure

10. Anchor text in backlinks

There are some negative search engine optimization SEO factors that you need to avoid while optimizing the website. Some of them are as follows:

1. Over-optimization

2. Excessive use of frames and flash

3. Affiliate cloaking

4. Re-directions

5. Excessive cross-linking

6. Excessive Keyword stuffing

7. Bad neighborhood linking

8. Invisible text

9. Duplicate content

10. Buying links and traffic

This is the most recommended list by the top SEO experts and SEO companies in the business. For effective Search Engine Optimization, engage an accomplished SEO company at the earliest.

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