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Find out how to choose a custom-made design custom bed for your bedroom among those on the market without sacrificing quality and comfort.


Design beds


Choosing a design bed without sac

For a room that focuses entirely on the modern, beds completely in fabric are available, where even the headboards and feet are made in the preferred shade. Often offered with slightly rounded shapes, they are ideal for those looking for a double bed with soft lines, able to enhance the high quality tailoring workmanship. For the children's room, on the other hand, the market focuses on young models. Suspended like wonderful tree houses, bunk beds for two children's bedrooms, they can offer a third drawer slatted base in a single space. Designed to always leave more space inside the room, they often represent the ideal solution for small rooms.


Obviously all this without sacrificing elegance. In a room where your children spend many hours of rest, study and play, it is important to create a cheerful environment where they can also play and study with their friends in complete freedom. But also for them the quality of sleep is important, because a good quality of rest is born from this. After a busy day, dedicated to study or work, it is important for the whole family to be able to count on a place that allows optimal rest, to allow you to face the new day back on top. So design beds for everyone but without giving up the fundamental requirement of comfort. Beautiful to see and show, equipped with mattresses that always ensure a correct position, with colorful and modern padding or with austere wrought iron headboards, they will be precious allies for your rest.


How to create a perfect sleeping area?


What are the characteristics that a good design bed must have? First of all, the dimensions play a fundamental role in the quality of sleep. The double version must be at least 1.70 m wide and 2.00 m long. In this way you will avoid incorrect positions which, in addition to not allowing a good rest, would end up causing serious problems to the spine. For the single version the length remains unchanged, while the ideal width is indicated in at least 80 cm. Height also plays an important role, especially when we find ourselves tidying up. If it is too low it will be extremely uncomfortable to redo. Finally, the mattress occupies an important position in the quality of sleep.


In modern beds very often a water mattress is proposed, which perfectly meets all needs. A final quick check on the quality of raw materials and nets will guide you in the optimal choice. Natural materials, such as wood, are perfect if perfectly treated and dried. The absence of harmful substances and the use of non-toxic paints will guarantee you healthy and healthy environments for both you and your loved ones. As for bed bases, the market offers a truly unlimited choice: from slatted to classic bed bases, from fixed to adjustable ones.


Particularly useful for those suffering from walking problems, the adjustable versions can be folded to the desired height, as well as ensuring an ideal position for those who love to watch television or read. If the space available is not enough, you can choose a container bed, able to accommodate all the linen that cannot be placed in wardrobes and drawers. The container version is available both single and double, both with manual and mechanized lifting. Proposed in a modern and elegant version, they are generally covered in soft cotton or other types of fabric, velvet, leather, eco-leather or microfiber in many shades, to allow maximum customization. The coating materials used must be hypoallergenic, anti-mite and easily removable and washable.


A great variety of articles on the market allows you to always find the most suitable solution, often allowing you to find an article that seems tailor-made for your needs among the many mass-produced, thus offering a customized solution at market prices. Browsing through the many catalogs available it is possible to find the best design beds characterized by quality, convenience and the ability to fit perfectly into any style of bed custom furniture, often becoming the key element of the room.

rificing comfort is possible. The area of ​​the house intended for rest that is beautiful to look at and at the same time offers a comfortable refuge can be created thanks to the many proposals on the market. Custom fabric headboards, in wrought iron, with wooden headboards, suspended on transparent glass legs, the furniture market is able to respond to every single need. Those looking for a great design furniture without giving up that touch of classic, will be able to range between the numerous design models with wooden headboard, which recalls an antique style, combined with a textile bed frame available in a great variety of colors.


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