New World finally solved the intrusion mechanism that puzzled players

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The latest controversy in New World has nothing to do with any mistakes, but it is clearly an anticipated mechanism involving "real-time" events and invasions of the game's PvE, in which demonic forces will sweep your land and your faction must defend them.

Invasion is a war in PvE. Players gather in front of the fort and must defend against multiple waves of demons. Win an invasion, get XP and loot, fail an invasion, and the facilities in your settlement or fort will be demoted. The higher the level of an area, the more downgrades. But one player noticed that although they did a better job against demons than anyone else on the server, and experienced more twists and turns than anyone else, they found that their defense and production stations were downgraded than others. People are serious.

Update: Amazon's community team has been involved in this matter. It is neither an expected mechanism nor an error. They claim that this will not happen, and the only way you can be further downgraded is if you are in a higher-level field. Some misinformation about the invasion and their relationship with the demotion of the territory. If the intrusion fails, the extent of your intrusion does not determine how many sites will be downgraded. If you fail, the number of times your territory will lead to downgrades is directly related to the territorial level of your settlement. The higher your territory level, the more downgrades you will suffer if you fail. Successfully repelling the invasion will ensure that the upgrade will not go backward.

Personally, the more you contribute to the team, the more likely you are to get a better reward. So, contribute to your fort defense and make sure you give the corrupter everything you have! We have been following the adjustments of the invasion, and we appreciate the feedback we have received on this feature so far.

Amazon says that the deeper you are in the invasion, will become "riskier." If you lose in wave 7, you will be downgraded more severely than in wave 1. The result of this is that for some players on certain servers if they are not confident to completely defeat it, it may be better not to even bother to defend against intrusions, or to throw it earlier.

Why is this an "expected" mechanism? If you lose in the first wave, you and your faction are already weak enough that you should not be over-punished for being demoted, not if you go further. However, the opposite feeling is also very bad. The correct answer here seems to be just to flatten the loss in any form, rather than punishing the player to go further. In general, I have questions about the idea of ​​continuing to downgrade, but this may be another day's discussion.

In addition, there are many problems with an intrusion. A minimum level of 50 means that "useless" players can slip into superb activities when the 60s were better. In addition, the player may destroy the rival faction because it is not faction-specific. But this downgrade is probably the worst aspect I've heard, and it should be resolved before everything else. All eyes are on war and related issues, but in the list of priorities, you asked me, punishing players who did better than others in the PvE invasion must be a priority.

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