What are the new gems of Path of Exile: Scourge?

Path of Exile has also added some new skill gems for players to use.

Grinding Gear Games redesigned the skill tree of Path of Exile to improve the quality of the game. Path of Exile has also added some new skill gems for players to use. Recently, the circulation of Scourge hit a new high, with the highest number of simultaneous online users reaching 254,570. Most of the players will buy POE Currency to increase their advantage in Path of Exile.

Scourge added party games. Players can choose another player as a companion to fight together. Although this model has greater risks, it also adds to the fun of Path of Exile. Players can POE Currency Buy to upgrade equipment, which can enhance the survivability of themselves and their companions. There are many link gems in party games, which can provide buffs for players and companions.

The role of the flame link is to cause additional fire damage. Protecting the link has the effect of restoring life. Intuitive link can trigger the player’s support spell. Vampire link is the life regeneration of the player who is drained by the companion. The effect of the destructive link is that the companion can use the player’s main hand crit rate. The function of the soul link is that the companion can get some damage reduction. None of these gems can be triggered or used by totems, traps, or mines. Players can get these gems when completing the task, or they can spend Path of Exile Currency to buy them directly.

Scourge not only adds gems with linking effects, but also other types of gems. These include: Poison that releases damage by throwing explosive bottles, Time and Space Rift that has a traversing effect, Tornado that can hinder and repeatedly damage enemies, and Energy Blade that transforms weapons into energy shields.

Scourge brings a lot of surprises and fun to players, not only because of the excitement that the dark effect of the game scene brings to players, but also because the system will reward them with more POE Currency and items.


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