How to master Engineering skills in New World

How to master Engineering skills in New World

As we all know, Engineering is a handicraft skill that can be upgraded in a workshop or a forge. In the workshop, Engineering skills are used to make long-range weapons, long-range ammunition, tools, and repair kits of different qualities. In the forge, Engineering is accustomed to using spears and axes. As with any other crafting skills, if the player wants to freely craft rare or epic quality items, then before that, the player needs some time and a lot of resources. If players want to master Engineering skills in New World, they can check out this guide below.

Similar to weapon forging and armor, players must do a few things to get the New World Coins resources needed to start Engineering. This means that players need to keep up with logging, mining, harvesting, and tracking and peeling. Most Engineering recipes will require wood and hide refined into timber and leather, as well as some fabric or metal. Wood and hide can be seen everywhere, but in the early days, players can search for iron ore in highlands and hemps in forests or grasslands.

Like other crafting skills, players can use the items to be crafted as a full set of iron collecting tools. These will help the player to collect skills in the early game and make these items can improve the player's Engineering skills, if the player makes a full set, it can be up to level 7. The complete set includes skinning knives, harvesting sickles, felling axes, mining picks and fishing rods. Once the player has obtained a full set of iron tools and accumulated a lot of resources, they can start making them.

Since RPG New World Coins resources such as ore and fiber are rarer than wood and leather, players need to prioritize recipes that use as little iron and cloth as possible. It is worth noting that in the process of collecting items, players often need to purchase some basic crafting materials from the trading station, which often requires a lot of New World Coins. If players encounter a shortage of New World Coins in the game, they can go to NewWorldCoins for help, and they will help you solve all problems.


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