Bigkis: The new social media platform for Filipinos

Bigkis is one of the new social media platforms born in the Philippines.

Bigkis is one of the new social media platforms born in the Philippines. It is an alternative to Facebook and Twitter - with its current vibe, I'd say the developer combines both into this new platform. If you want to isolate your self from these big players, Bigkis is your new platform - built with a Filipino name, but the world is welcome. 

Do you remember Friendster? Well, maybe not, but you can customize your Bigkis profile to have a custom background image. If you are fond of exploring and learning new things, Bigkis allows you to upload a custom CSS file for your profile. I know, that sounds too advanced - but trust me, you'll like it. 

I'm excited! And hey, I fully support ideas like this. Please invite your friends and family to try it. It's a whole new world for us. Hopefully, some of the sections will be moderated. Like, you know, I hate politics. 

See you, and welcome!

Welvin Cudas

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jbh tv 47 w

start baba pataas

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Good work ...

ArmandoJava7 47 w

nice I do really support our very own product.

Carmelo Parian 51 w

Can upload custom CSS? Didn't know that. Where can I find that?

alexa gonzales 51 w

galing naman

Lourd Nolasco 51 w

you can put music in to your profile? katulad nung sa friendster dati? hahaha

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Nice first blog!