At first, every skill sounds like a different one.

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It will be used for combat and non-combat. Training it will not be RuneScape gold money-driven. As of now, I've scoured the forums and come across a lot of ideas, however none really fit into the details given by Jagex. It's not uncommon to find skills like Necromancy or Sailing in the list of available skills. What makes a skill different? It is important to examine existing skills to see what similarities exist to determine what makes the new skill stand out from the rest.

At first, every skill sounds like a different one. Woodcutting is a technique employed to gather wood, firemaking could be employed to make wood work, and cooking could be used for cooking. Each ability has its own significance. This is not surprising. When you examine their training aspects, however, you will discover that all of them have something in Common. Repetition is the most effective way to learn a skill.

It isn't enough to kill one monster to increase your attack level, but you kill hundreds or thousands to level up. While you can kill all types of monsters but it will not help you in your work. The same is true for any other skill. It doesn't matter if you're cutting trees or mining ore and hunting salamanders, making runes, making summoning pouches, or making cannonballs, training is always about repetition. Running in RuneScape is more about repetition than your intelligence and practical life skills. It all comes down to how long you can complete a given task. This is the thing that all existing skills have in commun and what the new skills could do.

It brings me back few years ago to something I discussed with my friends when Bachelor Fridge first came out. Jagex was too addicted to strategy games something I shared with my friends. A lot of the latest FunOrb games revolve around strategy. Jagex has made this a part of his life for many years.

I'm not suggesting that the new skill would be called Strategy or something similar to that. I won't even try to guess what the new skill name could be. But, I think this skill may have some aspect of strategy. It's no longer the case that RuneScape is just a process of clicking and repeating. Strategies will be an ability of its own and yet have an effect on all other skills also!

Let me explain how it could work. Because the new skill can enhance all existing skills, I believe it will be a part of the current skills that will have an option to plan your strategy, or that cheap RS gold you can 'learn' how to make and utilize new tools. You could use the Strategy On/Off button to switch between strategy modes, for example, cooking or mining.


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