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Every day, millions of Americans, are on, some sort of weight - loss.

Every day, millions of Americans, are on, some sort of weight - loss program/ diet, and, only, a small percentage of these individuals, are successful, in their quest! Why is it, Strive Nutrition Keto effective, for a few, but most, rarely, get their desired results? Does it depend, on the specific approach, one's motivations/ reasons, based on attitude, or, some other factors, and/ or, combination of things? This article will attempt to examine 5 reasons, this may, matter, and/ or, make a difference. With that in mind, this article will attempt to, briefly, consider, examine, review, and discuss, these, and how, they may, impact this process.

1. Reasons/ reasoning/ personal motivations: Often, the specific reasons, one is beginning, makes a significant difference, in the potential results! If, you want to take off, some pounds, etc, begin, by performing, a thorough, check - up, from the neck - up, and determine your reasoning, and personal motivations, for wanting to lose weight. Remember, you are an individual, so your motives, and reasons, must be, what's meaningful, to you, rather than an attempt to please others. Like, many things, there is a big difference, between, proceeding, because, it's important, and/ or, a personal priority, or merely, a wish!

2. Self - discipline/ Commitment: To be successful, in this quest, you must proceed, with a significant degree of self - discipline, so this, may propel - you, past the temptations, which might, derail, your efforts, etc! In addition, you must maintain this commitment, for a period of time, because, doing so, is, often, a longer - term process, etc!



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