Narcolepsy Treatment with Modafinil: Treating excessive sleepiness

This medication is used for the treatment of excessive sleepiness caused by narcolepsy. Medical Scales provides the best and most affordable generic medicines.

Are you feeling a bit sleepy even after a nap or getting up early? If you experience this or have been diagnosed as having a chronic sleep disorder don't worry as we have a variety of medications to help you overcome it!

This article will cover Narcolepsy, its condition, and modafinil, a potential treatment alternative. If you're interested in learning more about the use of modafinil in treating narcolepsy then continue in the article.

Narcolepsy: Facts and Treatment Options

To comprehend the treatment options available for an illness, you need to first be aware of the condition itself. Let's talk about narcolepsy.

Patients with this disorder of sleep are extremely drowsy throughout the day and can be able to fall asleep at any time. In addition, they find it difficult to remain awake for long periods of time.

Narcolepsy is classified into two kinds.

Type 1 narcolepsy is a disorder that is associated with the loss of muscle tone. However, Type 2 narcolepsy doesn't suffer from this.

This is a very serious condition! Your work performance is ruined If you're unable to keep your mind alert. Therefore, it's not easy to deliver your highest academic or performance at work.

There is currently no definitive cure for narcolepsy. The best thing you can try is to treat the symptoms. Your physician can assist you to alter your lifestyle, or even take medication to reduce the severe morning sleepiness.

Can Modafinil Treat Narcolepsy?

If you choose to use treatment for narcolepsy doctor may prescribe modafinil. The effectiveness of this medication was proven by experts in reducing excessive sleepiness during the day of patients suffering from narcolepsy through a variety of research studies!

The study that included 66% of people suffering from narcolepsy taking modafinil to relieve their symptoms, were found to be effective.

Modafinil can be classified as a stimulant. It can therefore reduce the signs of excessive sleepiness because it keeps you awake. But, it cannot heal your narcolepsy or substitute for sleeping well. It will only assist you to stay alert and active when the symptoms of narcolepsy start to begin to manifest.

Mechanism of Action of Modafinil

We've already mentioned that modafinil's efficacy on patients suffering from narcolepsy is proven by prior research. How does modafinil function to aid patients with narcolepsy stay alert?

Modalert(Modafinil 200) is a " non-amphetamine stimulant". Researchers aren't yet affirming a complete understanding of the mechanism of action for this drug. But, we do have several theories of how it functions. In essence, modafinil alters the brain's release of chemicals. The ability to regulate the sleep-wake cycle of your brain to create an awake and less tired state by altering the chemical.

Modafinil can also alter the cycle of sleep and wake without interfering with the brain's part which is responsible for bodily functions. Also, the consumption of modafinil is not associated with significant side effects, such as addiction or heart disease.

How to Take Modafinil

The best method to determine the most appropriate and safe dosage of modafinil appropriate for your situation is to talk with a doctor. Here are some guidelines for the safe use of modafinil for treating the symptoms of narcolepsy.

Modafinil is available as tablets that can be taken orally, along with the aid of a glass of water. It isn't necessary to eat food prior to taking modafinil. But, the drug can sometimes cause you to lose appetite. Therefore, it is an ideal idea to eat a meal prior to taking the pills. The pill is typically taken daily, at least once per day, and usually early in the day.

In pharmacies, it's sold in 200mg and 150mg tablets. But, the usual dosage starts at a low one, which is 150mg. It can gradually increase up to 200mg if it is considered appropriate.

What do you do in the event that you forget or fail to take the dose? It's not an issue! Simply continue to take your next dose according to the normal.

Possible Side Effects of Modafinil Intake

A few possible side effects you could experience when taking this medication are headaches, anxiety diarrhea, headaches, or dry mouth. It is possible to reduce the risk of experiencing these adverse consequences if you use the right dosage. Stopping the intake of medicine completely can reverse any side consequences.


In Conclusion

Modafinil to treat the symptoms of narcolepsy is something you should take into consideration! If you're looking for an effective treatment for narcolepsy then it is best to consult your physician. The benefits and low adverse effects of modafinil make it an effective medication for patients suffering from narcolepsy.

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