BIGKIS: The Filipino Social Media Platform

Did you know that in 2008, Universal McCann pronounced the Philippines as the world’s capital social networking users, and Filipinos celebrated?

BIGKIS:  The Filipino Social Media Platform


Did you know that in 2008, Universal McCann pronounced the Philippines as the world’s capital social networking users, and Filipinos celebrated? Even though some may contend the title is a vacant one, it is important: Actively utilizing online social platforms is a demonstration of how carefully clever most Filipinos are. We grasp new stages and advance more thoroughly than any other person on earth. The long-range social networking capital of the world!


Be that as it may, we have to progress starting from here. The vast majority of the online life stages we expend are those made by the tech monsters in Silicon Valley. Don’t trust me? Open your cell phone and check how many figures are available for apps made right here in the Philippines. I envision the number for by far most individuals will be zero. One of the reasons might be that we mostly don't have tech business people making social media products, platforms, or even services. Yet, the condition isn't all depressing. There have been a bunch of tech new businesses in the Philippines working around social media platforms.

With the significant web-based social networking applications regularly blamed for restricting the exposure of posts or utilizing their scope to pitch paid material, another internet-based social media app promises to ensure your companions see your posts in your direction, paying little heed to the belief system.


Presenting, BIGKIS, The first Filipino base social media platform for not only users in the Philippines but around the world. Following 16 years of advanced colonization, at long last, Filipinos can have what they can call their own. The BIGKIS is the most up to date and compelling social website where you can post, share and interface with your companions Filipinos, yet everywhere throughout the world. It is the development of knowledge and innovation across the board stage. A Filipino platform!


And that’s not it; BIGKIS additional featured apps are available on google play store as BIGKIS Timeline Android App and BIGKIS Messenger Android App. Click now to get yourself registered and enjoy the perks of this latest user-friendly social media app.


Now, to talk about, what makes this app so great? The foremost and most important thing already reflects from its name “BIGKIS” meaning “Bond” or “Bundle” in the Filipino language. This social media platform will keep you connected and updated with your family and friends and also with different people around the world. Pretty amazing, right?


The top features of this website include:

  1. Registering and signing in: Once you sign up for BIGKIS, the connecting possibilities on other social platforms are unlimited. You can even sign in by using famous social media sites as well. No matter where you are, all you need is a gadget with a good internet connection, and you are good to go!

  2. Timeline displays: As you log in, you unlock the unlimited features of BIGKIS, where you get to see and edit your profile. This is where it displays all your recent activities, like sharing posts, videos, etc.

  3. News Feed: Similar and even better than other social media platforms, BIGKIS keeps you updated about your friends' recent posts, newsfeeds, videos, friend suggestions, files, and so on. Also, you get to enjoy the story updating filters by simply clicking on the camera icon, and you can go live with your friends and family.

  4. BIGKIS is a social media platform of the Filipino version where users can connect with people using multiple features like hashtags, trending posts, etc. Also, they get to sell and buy items from the BIGKIS Market. Sounds fun, right?

  5. Creating your page: If you’re a start-up entrepreneur, looking for potential target customers, BIGKIS allows you to share your product services within the Philippines and even around the world. You can create as many business pages as you like. As an informal communication site, you can include "companions", join normal intrigue gatherings and discussions, "as" or respond on companions' posts, similar to your preferred pages, and get notices of BIGKIS companions' exercises or exercises of pages you enjoyed.

  6. Groups: BIGKIS provides a significant platform for group study, social, and community workers. You get to create your groups and can send invites to your friends and family so they can join it.

  7. Photos sharing: All the users have full power over their photographs and protection settings; you can reinforce photographs and recordings by sparing in collections tune in to spare music and offer multi-media sorted out with labels and area data. It can likewise be your coordinator for putting away and saving material, blog entries, notes, articles, and documents.

  8. Customizing your Timeline: Photograph or video posts recently added buddies, stories, recollections, music, and redid profile foundation are among those who will be appeared to users as "BIGKIS Timeline", an ordered feed of a client's accounts. You can modify your BIGKIS course of events by picking any foundation photograph or favored CSS record you need.


One of the principal motivations behind the site is to give a different content creation stage that makes bond and solidarity among its clients and to help each other in flaunting their abilities and innovativeness particularly recorded as an in written form.


Now, this may appear to be mind-boggling; however, you need to remember that everything starts with the basic demonstration of choosing personally to embrace the talent of others, just like the people of BIGKIS. 


So, here’s to trusting we watch and see where our aggregate Filipino ability will take us in the realm of social media.


So, Don’t wait too long. Get your phones, and let’s get started!


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