The correct steps to lock players in Madden 21

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In Madden 21, there is a feature that locks players particularly useful. When players intend to focus on controlling a specific player to play the game, he can achieve this goal by locking other players. The CPU will control other players under the prior tactics to complete a series of operations such as running and passing offense and defense. The advantage of this is that it allows players to concentrate on experiencing the abilities of a certain player. The disadvantage is that tactical changes are not flexible and easily defeated by others. For this reason, they had better use MUT 21 Coins in advance to enhance the strength of other players.

Maybe some rugby fans who come to Madden 21 are interested in this feature and want to experience the strength of their idol players in the game, but they must note that although they can use active players or legendary players, all of this All can only carry out under the franchise model. If they want the greatest MUT 21 Coins, it is also great to know some knowledge about franchise in advance.

If players are running self-created players or active NFL players in franchise mode, or playing as QB, RB or wide receivers in franchise, they may need to use the player lock function to focus on specific players and let the CPU manage the rest of the team for them. To use this feature, please save the two game modes for players instead of coaches or GM, and then enter the league settings before activating the mode.

Players first scroll down to the full field control option in the Play Mode tab, where they can turn this setting on or off. When set to on, they can control the entire team to play. However, if players set it to off, they will be locked in a specific player or any position where the player runs. They can also seek help from GameMS to Buy MUT 21 Coins and get some guides about the mode. I wish them a good time!


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