Heaven And Hell

My personal beliefs on religion and our creator.

I have to get these thoughts out of my skull, lest I become completely insane. Catholicism has taught us that when we are good in our life, we will exult in heaven when our mortal shells cascades. But when we are evil our souls burn in hell forever, in eternal damnation. They also preached that God’s love is unconditional. It’s hypocrisy in its entire notion. To love unconditionally means to love so greatly, that it is of no matter whether the one who is loved is utterly defiant. If God loves us as they say the way he does, then why let us blaze in agony for eternity? Is it for disobeying his every will? Then why didn’t he create the world in complete perfection?  Does this not make a mockery of God’s love? My friends these questions should be dealt with an open mind.


Not to be misunderstood, I believe in the God almighty, the creator of all things. What I don’t believe is the colossal deception being incited throughout the years. It is a fact that Constantine the great is a pagan. He should have died as a pagan, if not for the profuse ceremonies performed by the prosperous priest which he himself promoted during his reign. The truth that Constantine himself selected which books is to be incorporated in the bible is sufficient enough for me to lose faith in that book. It is enough for me that I practice my own faith. My principle in life is that, to never cause harm to anyone whether it be physically or emotionally. I shall breathe my last breath devoid of fear from God. Instead I will live my life in love. Love of God, I will struggle to repay the great love he has bestowed upon us.


Heaven and Hell, my viewpoint towards it. I believe that both heaven and hell exists in our consciousness. We are at heaven even in life when we experience bliss. We experience hell whenever we are in misery. For, we cannot experience happiness without feeling sorrow. It is a part of our growth, our learning experience. It is God’s ultimate gift to us humble mortals. God’s design is perfect, in perfect relativity; Love and Hate Light and Dark, Good and Evil, Happiness and Sorrow. As you can see my friends, you cannot remove one thing from the other. I do not say that you believe my ramblings. All I ask from you my dearest friends is to listen, and try to comprehend. Open your mind to these things, because I am certain that it has hovered in your mind in one way or another.

Jesse Ong

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Beam Agosto 2 yrs

I think you're right - heaven and hell are how we create them in our minds