My account was reported to be suspended due to

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My account was reported to be suspended due to what was aion classic kinah believed to be suspicious activities. I don't use third party software or any other nature. I actually practice my capabilities, not using keyboard bindings or macros. I played this game with the same account when it first debuted in 2009. The issue has not been addressed. SteelRake was the place I was playing with an LFG group. We were doing Hairpin and Snowquests. I was banned from the game and in a position to not return to the game due to the ban. Scratching my head over here wondering what happened I was not breaking any terms of service. This is absolutely insane if that is how NCSOFT treats its customers paying and treat us like criminals with no due process and without any proof.

I'm not sure if they took the time to read emails, which is the most difficult part. I wrote an email to inquire about the pet and received a 3-month sub to confirm. They initially replied that they did not provide this kind of service. They also say that they don't have any information regarding Siels Aura products.

It was a large group of people, and we were in at the same moment. The only difference is that leaving the instance to submit hairpin quests is unconstitutional, and running back into the ..... but everyone does this. That's why it's not that I'd imagine. Anyway, I sent them an email and received the same reply in the form of a copy and paste. It was not even interested in looking into their mistake. It's sad.

It's not true. This is simply the latest copy/paste response they're giving to everyone , including those that haven't really done anything other than standard SR hairpin runs. I've even known a person who's been offline for a week who was banned for this. Most likely, they just look up people who had left and re-entered SR numerous times and flagged those who were banned through an automated process and not bothering to actually see if they were legitimately seeking.

Finally, someone told me the reason for my ban. Be aware, everyone. Utilizing SteelRake and completing the HairPin quest may result in getting banned if you submit it repeatedly. This was exactly what I did with the LFG group I was a part of. We would take out the mobs, collect the 12 hairpins then go to the shugo , turn into the quest, then head back to Steel Rake and continue on in the same manner. That's what I as well as most people did back in 2009 when the game first launched. Had no euro aion classic buy kinah clue this is an exploit ?! I responded to them, to inquire if this is an exploit or an error on their part. It doesn't appear to be an exploit, however it does appear that it is a deliberate decision. Be careful in the event that you're involved through the hairpin quest.


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