Cultural appropriation is now taking an important cultural component

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To a certain degree, I can Animal Crossing Bells see why ethnic appropriation is a problem. Taking something from a culture and utilizing it in a disrespectful way. Like making a significant tradition to a joke is pretty shitty. However, as long as the source is admired, or at least not direspected, limiting things based off ethnicites or at which you live/were born is asinine. Learning out of eachother is a great thing, wisdom and ideas should be shared, not restricted without good reason.

Cultural appropriation is now taking an important cultural component which has significance/is sacred from the original culture, and utilizing it since you like the appearance of it/ it's"exotic" and"trendy." It's especially a problem when the first culture is usually erased from the borrowing culture.A great case in point is wearing Native American headdresses. Those are generally earned, rather than just anyone can wear them.

However, I understand a lot of bitterness stems from people with heritage from different cultures trying to embrace this heritage as kids while growing up in westernized society and getting made fun of by other kids because their clothing is indeed distinct, and so on, just to find out that now they are older, what they were made fun of to get as kids is currently considered"trendy" by the kind of people they had been teased by. That bitterness is clear.

Agreed. Unless you are planning to be an asshole, it is fine most of the time, shit can occur from ignorance but maybe not that hard to apologize and proceed on.In the most literal sense of the word, all of that is cultural appropriation; it is just that a lot of it happens to be positive cultural exchange. Sometimes it moves from positive to benign to dangerous, and that I believe that goes a ways towards animal crossing new horizons buy bells online explaining why the line is fuzzy sometimes.


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