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Neem Oil 100ml

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Neem oil, the oil pressed from the seeds of the neem tree, is the most widely known and used neem product. br brWell, at least in the Western world it is. Indians, of course, have known and used all parts of the neem tree for thousands of years. br brNeem oil has many different uses and benefits... br brA natural insect repellent brA safe pesticide brA fertilizer brA skin care ingredient brA contraceptive brA medicine with hundreds of different uses... br brHealth Benefits Of Neem brBoth neem oil and neem leaf are fantastic skin care ingredients: br brNeem relieves dry skin. brIt soothes itchines, redness and irritation. brIt improves general skin health and immunity, combating bacterial infections, as in acne, boils and ulcers. brBut neem doesnt promote resistance in bacteria. Antibiotics are over-prescribed and are becoming blunt as a weapon in our fight against diseases. Neem is an interesting alternative, and one that will never stop working. br brOne of the top neem benefits is that it lets you avoid harsh chemicals and nasty insecticides when treating conditions like br brpsoriasis, breczema, brscabies, brhead lice and more.

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