RSgoldfast - Are done by pressing shift RS/Right Stick
RSgoldfast - Are done by pressing shift RS/Right Stick May 04

RSgoldfast - Are done by pressing shift RS/Right Stick

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Add a top level agility + power shortcut between Catherby and the Obelisk (such as Battlestaff crafting). Insert a"Travel" right click option to Elkoy. Allow us to bring a House Portal to Lletya (utilizes 100 billed teleport Crystals). When utilizing Eluned to charge teleport crystals, have as a lot of our stock as we could pay the cash for be achieved at the same time, not one at a time!

Why is it that when we click on a financial institution stall, the DEFAULT action is'talk'? Why shouldn't the DEFAULT actions be'bank'? Is not that what everyone really wants to do 99.999% of the time, anyway? When talking to the Apothecary mechanically make us many strength potions as you have the materials for at once rather than 13/14 conversations.

When putting items to a Compost Bin, place all the one's or as many as possible which can be in your inventory at once. Create a piece of gear that produces pickpocket the default choice on NPCs. Add a teleport into Oo'glog. Insert a Randomize button for new players on the personality appearance selection display. Add Fist of Guthix to the Ring of Dueling. Allow us MORE House Portals out of Ancients and Lunar spellbooks, although I do believe a quests for the Lunar one's would balance it out if you finished us needing the Seal of Diplomacy.

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05-04-21 - 07:00 Start date
05-31-21 - 16:00 End date
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