Since I don't want to tank. ...? Why do I need to
Since I don't want to tank. ...? Why do I need to Sep 23

Since I don't want to tank. ...? Why do I need to

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Not really a lot left over, there is just a "rogues are garbage" popular meme and people accept it as fact. I am a top dp player in all my dungeons. It's only about 1 percent of the content, and everyone hates rogues.

It's also a challenge for them to enter a raids, since raids only are interested in one when they have sufficient physical damage. When they do finally get in , they'll need to use armor that is better exposed, basically being brought for a buff they need to spec. This means you'll need to spec every whenever you want to take on pvp or raids.

All the utility they have could be derived from a other class with more per-dps than them. Apart from being the first choice in PvP, there are a lot of rogues able to pvp but not being able to pve. This is due to the fact that rogues bis-pvp gear needs a lot of pve-specific equipment, and even if you're "the guild raid rogue who has been slated to receive warglaives", you will have difficulties pvping since everyone is going to out gear your character.

For the moment it is possible for a mage aged 70 to push a button and gain PVE. If he or she isn't out in dps at the moment, he could compete with a gear wizard in the dps. Alongside water and food for the team, a buff is recommended. Aoe is also essential.

However, we mostly do decent DPS however we don't bring anything highly valuable to the group. No AOE, b+ tier damage, no buffs. So if you're only playing with a couple of slots, don't take the items. They also share lots of their loot with two classes that bring stuff to the group.

I'm not sure why people complain that it's hard to become a rogue as well as to be invited into groups. I was a rogue and I made my own groups. If you aren't invited to one, it's time to form your own group. You can select the gear you'd like to use and invite only those who do not require the item. This is among the most enjoyable aspects of creating your own groups. I had full access to the bis because I picked people who dont need leather gear.

Since I don't want to tank. ...? Why do I need to do 1k+ dps when I could perform 500-600 overall dps (I've hit 950 dps on certain boss fights, believe it or not) Off heal when required, off tank when needed, battle res to help keep the party from wiping in the event of a mishap and heals themselves, and also give everyone in your party an additional 5% of in crit?

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