It's that time of the year once again where we're eagerly
It's that time of the year once again where we're eagerly Sep 11

It's that time of the year once again where we're eagerly

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It's that time of the year once again where we're eagerly waiting for the reveal of who will be on the cover for this year's version of Madden NFL 22. EA Sports announced this week that the cover of this coming season will be revealed on June 17, 2016 and they've revealed a brief teaser that leaves a few clues as to who might be on the cover. (We also got a cameo for Madden NFL 12 cover athlete Peyton Hillis as well! Find it here.

Two goats who were evidently older than the other was causing a row within a barn . They emerged to reveal the date.

There are only a few days left before we can find out who will be featured on this year’s cover. We have decided that we would roll through some of the candidates who could be suitable for the distinction. Below are our top three choices for a cover-athlete and our top choices should EA Sports chooses to cover a pair of players, as the teaser indicates.

Three of the four Madden NFL cover athletes have been quarterbacks. So it is natural that our first choice is someone who is positioned under center. Bills quarterback Josh Allen is an ideal selection for the latest edition of the video game franchise, particularly after a season that saw him develop into an MVP-level quarterback. After his appearance in the AFC Championship, Allen set career records in passing yards and passing touchdowns. He had Buffalo just several steps away from a Super Bowl appearance. At this stage in his career, Allen is already a superstar. The Bills Mafia would like to have Allen's name and image on the cover of the Super Bowl.

If you're not planning to protect the quarterback I can't imagine how you can overlook Derrick Henry. In fact there was a potential leak in March that suggested Henry being the cover's most prominent athlete. While it's not certain which Henry is going to make the cover of this year's issue, it is certain that he's deserved it. At times, the huge-bodied running back appears like something from the world of video games as the defenders he takes frequently on a daily basis. Henry has led the NFL in rushing for consecutive seasons, and he beat out any skill position player in 2020 by having the longest time from scrimmage (2,141). If an era in which you average 126.7 rushing yards per game can't land you the attention of Madden NFL, I'm not certain what else will.

Although you might be laughing at the thought of an offensive player getting on the Madden NFL Cover, it's not uncommon. Richard Sherman was the last defensive player to serve as the cover player for the team in Madden NFL 15 and prior to that, we've seen players like Troy Polamalu (shared with Larry Fitzgerald, Madden NFL 10) and Ray Lewis (Madden NFL 2005) get on there too. Donald is the most popular player on this side having been a member for four straight seasons in the 99 Club. With this in mind the best place to rise in the game is getting onto the field.

This was the pairing that everybody immediately assumed after the teaser clip was leaked earlier in the week. Of course, Tom Brady is widely called the greatest ever (G.O.A.T) and Patrick Mahomes is looked at as the next great quarterback to follow his footsteps. So, it's only natural to think that there's a chance -- or even a possibility -- that there are two players on the cover. However, when EA Sports trots out an older goat and an infant goat in its teaser,, it's difficult not to think of Brady and Mahomes. Both quarterbacks have appeared on the Madden NFL Cover before, with Brady being featured for Madden NFL 18, and Mahomes doing the same in Madden NFL 20.
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