Mmoexp - Deshaun Watson has a history with Madden NFL 22
Mmoexp - Deshaun Watson has a history with Madden NFL 22 Jul 14

Mmoexp - Deshaun Watson has a history with Madden NFL 22

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Madden NFL is home to some of the most entertaining moments in football. This is due to the bizarre physics and mechanics used to keep players on the right track. Recently, a Madden NFL player uploaded an image of a player who was bungling the game away thanks to some terribly timed displayboating.

Reddit user dvd5671 posted an r/Madden video recently of himself and an online opponent in a very intense game. The game was tied at 21, when the opponent took possession of the ball with only a minute remaining. If his opponent scored even a field goal, the game would have been over. His opponent was able to throw the ball towards him, and he ran to the goal line. However, instead of running the ball in, Madden NFL users controlled celebrations with the defenders around him. This led to the running back got tackled by the football, who fumbled it and dvd5671's team gained possession, later winning the game.

The player was playing Madden Ultimate Team (MUT) The New York Jets had Aaron Rodgers throwing the ball to J.D. McKissic players that aren't on the Jets roster. MUT is a solid game mode, however Madden NFL 21 did not have many improvements in areas like MUT, Franchise, and others. Madden NFL 21's best feature is The Yard. This mode allows for more crazy moves. The mode was created to showboat and show off, as juke and triple passes are included in every play as opposed to the traditional game that's in other modes.

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