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There are cases when the pain does not go away. Imagine how awful it would be if that pain never went away.

 Combating Chronic Pain

These foods can be added to your diet, but there are other ways you can help with chronic pain. People who don't sleep well are more likely to experience chronic pain. Chronic pain can make sleep worse. It's a vicious circle.

Smoking can cause pain and make it difficult to sleep. You will feel better and have better sleep if you quit smoking.

You can improve your sleep habits with these good sleep strategies. Good sleep can reduce diabetic complications and make it easier to manage blood sugar.

Being overweight places more stress on the joints and skeletal muscles. If you lose weight, your pain will decrease. All types of stress can worsen pain. Hence, it is important to find ways to reduce stress both mental and physical. This will help improve your pain levels.

Diabetes sufferers with chronic pain should avoid certain foods. This includes simple sugar and hidden sugars in processed foods. Avoid high-oleic cooking oils with low or no omega-3.

Avoid trans fats. These fats can be found in fast food, deep-fried foods, and bakery products. Look for "partially hydrogenated" or "vegetable shortening" on labels.

If you suffer from chronic pain, limit your intake of dairy products, red meat, processed foods, alcohol, refined grains, and artificial food ingredients like MSG or aspartame.

Everybody is different

It is crucial to identify what triggers chronic pain and how you can avoid them. A personal list can be a powerful tool in fighting chronic pain.

Find the best foods for you, and then try them all. You won't be helped by all of them. Because you are unique, they won't help. You may find what works for me to not work for you.

Some things are universal. Your type 2 diabetes risk will decrease if you continue to exercise despite chronic pain. Weight control will also improve. Chronic pain will also improve in the end.

It is crucial for diabetics to manage their chronic pain. Active living should be a priority for anyone, but it is even more important for type 2 diabetics. All the best.

"You have brains inside your head. Your feet are in your shoes. You are free to steer your own ship in any direction that you wish. You are in control of your destiny and know exactly what to do. And you are the one who will decide where you go. "Dr. Seuss

Martha Zimmer invites people to visit her website to learn more about type 2, its complications, and how they can be managed. There are also great tips on eating healthy and living with diabetes that will make life easier.


Millions of people are affected by chronic pain.

Chronic pain is defined by the dictionary as any pain that lasts longer than the duration of an injury or painful stimulus.

The body communicates that there is something wrong. The brain receives pain messages from neurotransmitters, which transmit them from the nerves to the spinal cord to its brain. The brain interprets pain by interpreting the message.

The only way to change your experience of pain is at the level of the neurotransmitter-which means the brain.

Pain O Soma is possible to end your pain by taking control of it. Brainwave entrainment, which changes the firing patterns of the neurons in the brain, is the best technology for removing pain.

Brainwave entrainment uses specially-designed brainwave bands to induce the brain to the frequencies that are usually associated with meditation.

Scientifically, meditation frequencies are shown to decrease emotional pain and its effects.

Long-term Pain

* Causes uneven firing of neurons within the brain. All brain regions are in equilibrium when they function normally. This is the state of equilibrium in which you are free from pain. The activity in one region causes the other to quieten.

* People with chronic pain have a front area of the cortex that is mostly associated with emotion. It never shuts down. This region doesn't shut down. This area constantly reminds us of the fact that we shouldn't feel this discomfort.

* If activity in the cortex isn't turned off, neurons become worn out or die. This alters their connections. This can cause permanent damage.

* The brain is affected at all levels, even those not directly related to pain sensation.

* Brain damage caused by changes in wiring

People with Chronic Pain...

* Show unusual activity in the anticipation of pain in the prefrontal cortex. This region is known to be involved with controlling attention and thinking processes when threats are perceived.

People with chronic pain might have trouble making decisions due to changes in the brain wiring.

* Neuronal connections that are damaged can lead to depression. This may increase the pain sensation.

How Brainwave Entrainment can help

* Lowers the emotional impact of pain.

* Helps to train the brain to be more present and less anxious about future pain.

* You expect less pain and find it less unpleasant.

* It is effective in reducing the recurrence and severity of depression that makes the pain worse.

* Reduces pain sensation by thickening brain-gray matter.

* Entrainment can cause certain parts of the cortex to thicken, which decreases pain sensitivity.

* Create and release powerful pain-relieving natural opioids.

According to research, this dramatically reduces pain intensity by 40% and pain unpleasantness by 57%.

* Lowers brain activity in the anterior cortex, anterior insulation, and orbitofrontal cortex-areas which influence how the brain creates pain sensations from nerve signals from the body. These areas are more active, and the pain is lessened.

* Meditation frequency entrainment is extremely effective in blocking pain. It works in multiple places in the brain and reduces pain at different levels.

* Real brain effects

* Works as an antidepressant-antidepressants are used as pain control.

* Relieves pain sensations and promotes relaxation in the mind and body.

* Serotonin and Norepinepherine are increased for pain relief and sedative. The damage done by stress hormones such as cortisol can be repaired by increasing serotonin levels.

* Dopamine levels increase in pleasure sensations.

* Creates new networks that will be your default.

* Changes the networks that are activated, thus changing your mind.


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