This visa has supplanted the Tier 2 (General) work visa.


Your work

To fit the bill for a Skilled Worker Visa UK, you should:

  1.       Work for a UK business that has been endorsed by the Home Office
  2.       Have a 'declaration of sponsorship' from your manager with data about the job you've been offered in the UK
  3.       Do a task that is on the rundown of qualified occupations
  4.       Be paid a base compensation - what amount relies upon the kind of work you do

The particular qualification relies upon your work.

You should have an affirmed bid for employment before you apply for your visa.

Information on English

You should have the option to talk, read, compose and get English. You'll typically have to demonstrate your insight into English when you apply.

In case you're not qualified for a Skilled Worker visa UK

You might be qualified for another sort of visa to work in the UK.

How Long You Can Remain

Your visa can keep going for as long as 5 years before you need to broaden it. You'll have to apply to expand or refresh your visa when it terminates or in the event that you change occupations or boss.

In the event that you need to remain longer in the UK

You can apply to expand your visa however many occasions as you like as long as you actually meet the qualification necessities.

Following 5 years, you might have the option to apply to settle forever in the UK (otherwise called 'uncertain leave to remain').

This gives you the option to live, work and study here however long you like, and apply for benefits in case you're qualified.

The most effective method to apply

You should apply on the web.

How you apply relies upon whether you're:

  1.       Outside the UK and are going to the UK
  2.       Inside the UK and expanding your present visa
  3.       Inside the UK and altering from an alternate visa

On the off chance that you need to change your work or boss, you should apply to refresh your visa.

You can remember your accomplice and youngsters for your application to remain in the UK on the off chance that they are qualified.

What amount of time it requires

You can apply for a visa as long as 3 months before the day you are due to start work in the UK. This date is recorded on your testament of sponsorship.

As a component of your application, you'll need to demonstrate your character and give your archives.

You may have to permit additional time on the off chance that you need an arrangement to do this. You will see whether you require one when you initiate your application.

Getting a choice

Whenever you have applied on the web, verified your character as well as gave your records, you will for the most part obtain a alternative on your visa in:

  1.       3 weeks, in case you are outside the UK
  2.       Two months, in case you are inside the UK

On the off chance that you need to go to an arrangement, you might have the option to pay for a quicker choice.

The amount it costs

You, your accomplice or youngsters will each have to:

  1.       Pay the application expense
  2.       Pay the medical services overcharge for every time of your visit
  3.       Demonstrate you have sufficient individual reserve funds

What you may or may not be able to do

With a Skilled Worker visa you can:

  1.       Work in a qualified work
  2.       Study
  3.       Carry your accomplice and youngsters with you as your 'dependants', on the off chance that they're qualified
  4.       Take on extra work in specific conditions
  5.       Accomplish deliberate work
  6.       Head out abroad and get back to the UK
  7.       Apply to settle forever in the UK (otherwise called 'inconclusive leave to remain') on the off chance that you've lived in the UK for a very long time and meet the other qualification necessities

You can't:

Apply for most benefits (public assets), or the State Pension

Change occupations or manager except if you apply to refresh your visa

In the event that your application is effective, you'll get a full rundown of how you can and can't manage a skilled worker visa uk.